International Life Sciences Awards 2018

16 GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 , Founded in 2000, Phytronix is a privately-owned Canadian company that built its expertise and reputation on providing services to analytical laboratories within various fields such as in Pharma, Clinical, Toxicology and in the Food industry. By developing and commercializing the Laser-Diode Thermal Desorption (LDTD) technology, the firm was then able to implement it in multiple pharmaceutical companies all around the world. From smaller start-ups to the biggest pharmaceutical firms, Phytronix’s customers have one thing in common: they need to analyse more samples in a shorter period of time. Therefore, the company’s newest ionization source, the LUXON Ion Source ® is irrevocably and unprecedentedly the fastest process for mass spectrometry. It is currently able to reach a sub-second analysis speed with excellent quantitation capabilities and robustness. The team at Phytronix are very proud to have developed such a technology for high-throughput analyses to fulfil the ever-growing demands of its valued customers. Given the intense competitivity in the laboratory scientific instruments space, Phytronix has to work hard to ensure that it offers its clients a truly unique service that meets their requirements and exceeds their expectations. All the current major players in the mass spectrometry field are LI180016 Best Laboratory Scientific Instruments Manufacturer - Canada Phytronix Technologies provides high quality analytical instrumentation and services for Canadian laboratories and is a world leader in advanced technology for high-throughput analysis bymass spectrometry. We profile this innovative firm to find out more and explore how it came to achieve the reputation for excellence that it enjoys today. actively working on developing the future competitor to the firm’s LDTD ® technology. That is why Phytronix invest a vast amount of time on the research and development of its core business: high-throughput analysis. The biggest challenge, for any company in this fast paced industry, is to stay relevant and constantly be at the fore-front of technology. As part of its aim to remain ahead of market developments in June 2018, at the biggest annual conference in mass spectrometry (ASMS), Phytronix launched a brand new LUXON Ion Source ® model allowing to analyse 1536-well plates, thus being compatible with current workflows in High- Throughput Screening (HTS) for mass spectrometry. Until the arrival of LUXON Ion Source ® , the fastest process for mass spectrometry, the HTS market was out of reach for mass spectrometer manufacturers, given that no process was able to reach the sample-to-sample analysis speed of traditional plate readers. Now, those manufacturers finally have a path into an inaccessible field. Phytronix know that its presence in the HTS market represents immense opportunities for the future of mass spectrometry in life sciences in general. Looking ahead, the future of the LUXON Ion Source ® looks promising in all the markets it has a presence in. For instance, by combining it with Machine Learning-the subset of Artificial Intelligence that uses algorithms to “learn” from datasets- Phytronix know that it can generate enough data to resolve complex problems in the clinical field. Currently, the team are working at the R&D phase of such a project for a hospital in the Quebec City metropolitan region (CHU de Québec). By developing the tool that allows to run thousands of samples per day, Phytronix have become pioneers within the healthtech industry, and moving forward the firm will build upon this success and continue to innovate and adapt to ensure clients receive truly cutting-edge solutions. Company: Phytronix Technologies Inc. Contact: Sandra-Rima Imrazene Address: 4535 Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel Suite 120, Quebec, G1P 2J7, Canada Phone: 1 418 692 1414 Website: The LUXON Ion Source ® by Phytronix Technologies Inc.