International Life Sciences Awards 2018

6 GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 , Drawing on its vast experience in the market, Clinigen’s mission is to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time, to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world. There are only three ways for a patient to ethically access a medicine: through a clinical trial, unlicensed or commercial route and the group is the only company to globally manage access across all three routes. As such, Clinigen is set up as three synergistic businesses to mirror this premise - Clinical Trial LI180011 Best Specialty Pharmaceutical Company 2018 & Award for Excellence in Clinical Trial Services 2018 ClinigenGroup plc offers a unique approach to pharmaceutical production and research, as we found out whenwe profiled the firm to gain an insight into its work. Services, Unlicensed Medicines and Commercial Medicines. The group has c.900 people in 11 locations across the world to support the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals, adding tangible value to both of them. The group’s ability to manage both licensed and unlicensed markets enables it to be a very effective partner for Pharma and Biotech companies in seeking to make their medicines as widely accessible as possible across the world. As a market leader in providing access to medicines, Clinigen is able to educate and help healthcare professionals access difficult to find critical and lifesaving medicines quickly and ethically. Thanks to its latest innovation, an online platform, Cliniport, the group has become known as ‘Amazon of Unlicensed Medicines’. Cliniport allows healthcare professionals to source medicines and place orders in a secure and efficient environment. Ultimately, this innovation is a key part of the growth and development of Clinigen in the future. It allows the group to build a loyal community of healthcare professionals and expand their relationship with Clinigen and adds an extra dimension to our partnerships with Pharma and Biotech companies. The group is only really at the start of building out what Cliniport is capable of adding to Clinigen, and the team are excited for what its future holds, as they continue to build out the group’s geographical footprint in key long-term growth regions of the world, increase the number of medicines it owns or licences and expand its service offerings, all whilst continuing to pursue the group’s mission of delivering the ‘Right Medicine to the Right Patient at the Right Time’. Company: Clinigen Group plc Contact: Shaun Chilton Address: Pitcairn House, 100 First Avenue, Burton on Trent, DE14 2TB, UK Phone: 01283 495010 Website: