International Life Sciences Awards 2018

GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 7 , Neural Insights was formed by a team of world-class leaders in business transformation, technology, research, professional services, data science, digital innovation, risk management and regulation, all with a shared vision to transform industries through dramatic transformation of their strategic business and operating models, their underlying infrastructure, and the deployment of Advanced Analytics and machine learning technologies. The firm’s innovative solutions are delivered by combining their expertise in strategy, functional domain knowledge, management consulting, research techniques, transaction solutions, innovation strategies, corporate dynamics, and troubleshooting with third party partners to ensure efficacy and originality. Thanks to this approach, over the years the team behind Neural Insights has been responsible for delivering solutions that have contributed billions of dollars to the World Economy. Today, the team has experience operating in nearly 40 countries across the globe. Its primary industry focus Recognised Leaders in Enterprise Behavioural Analytics 2018 With a pedigree of over 30 years of world-class consulting enabling strategic growth in complex, highly regulated industries, Neural Insights ® provides its clients with unique solutions that meet their needs regardless of geography or sector. Profiling the firm, we were intrigued to find out more and explore the innovative solutions it has to offer. is on financial institutions, life science companies, agriculture, regulators and governments. Among its myriad of achievements for these valued clients, Neural Insights is the founder and world leader in Enterprise Behavioural Analytics ® , which recognises the need to encode behavioural science and economics into the fabric of how an organisation delivers performance and change in the fast-paced complex digital economies inherent in every field and industry. It has delivered this through a range of use cases including surveillance solutions (building Sybenetix ® into a recently acquired Nasdaq company), and Agxio ® (an AI company specialising in Agritech and AgScience research to support global food production, security and innovation). Looking to the future, Neural Insights has plans to expand the application of its Enterprise Behavioural Analytics ® into the fields of Anti-Money Laundering, enterprise command centres, and real-time regulation, all of which will offer the firm the chance to enhance its already impressive success and grow even further over the years to come. LI180007 Neural Insights ® Company: Neural Insights Limited Contact: Dr. Stephen Christie Address: Bradfield Centre, 184 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 0GA Web address: Behavioural Analytics