International Life Sciences Awards 2018

8 GHP / International Life Science Awards 2018 , New Nordic products are manufactured in Scandinavia, each pack bears its iconic Silver Tree logo, representing the company’s stamp of approval when it comes to quality. It is this quality that is the cornerstone of the brand, whose products are trusted by millions and sold in more than 50,000 health food stores worldwide. A number of the firm’s products prove consistently popular in the UK market, and as such New Nordic invests heavily in these solutions when it comes to promotion and advertising. Among these is Hair Volume™, a food supplement designed to maintain a normal voluminous LI180002 Best Herbal Food Supplements Manufacturer 2018 New Nordic™ is a Scandinavian firm that produces natural products that have solid evidence for enhancing vitality andpromoting anactive life.We profile the company to learnmore about the secrets behind its incredible success. hair growth. The unique bioactive nutrient hair growth factor combination contained in each tablet nourishes and activates the life processes of hair follicle cells. The tablet, which is manufactured in Sweden, contains micronutrients and herbal extracts including apple extract rich in procyanidin B2. The content of biotin and zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation, fighting grey hair. Another cornerstone of the firm’s product offering is New Nordic’s Apple Cider™ tablets. The unique bioactive herbal and nutrient combination contained in each tablet contributes to a normal efficient digestion and lipid metabolism. The tablet contains apple cider vinegar powder in combination with globe artichoke and dandelion extracts, plus chromium. Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. Artichoke helps to support a good digestion and intestinal tract. Other products within the New Nordic™ range includes Melissa Dream™, which can help maintain normal restful sleep. Meno Joy™, to help ease the symptoms of the menopause, Chilli Burn™, for weight loss, and Blueberry™ Eyebright, for healthy sight and many more which makes New Nordic™ a leading manufacturer. All of these products are designed with quality and client wellbeing in mind, so that users can rest assured that they are in safe hands when they take New Nordic products. Ultimately, New Nordic is focused on meeting the demand for herbal food supplements for health-conscious people, and looking ahead this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it seeks to build upon its current achievements and further enhance its product offering over the years to come. Company: New Nordic Ltd Contact: Amy Loader & Karen Collins Address: PO Box 7248, New Milton,Hampshire, BH25 5TT, UK Phone: 01425 619800 Website: