International Life Sciences Awards 2019

10 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2019 , Sintetica Limited Leading Providers of Injectable Anaesthetics & Analgesics - Europe With almost 100 years of experience in the market, Sintetica Limited has risen to be an expert pharmaceutical companydelivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patientsworldwide. Thanks to its innovative science and excellence in development, production andmarketing the firmbeen recognised in this year’s International Life Sciences Awards. It is an ethical company both from an environmental standpoint and in its management style. As such we decided to profile it and share the latest developments it is currently undertaking. Since it was established in 1921 Sintetica has been striving towards innovation in the injectable pharmaceutical market, providing its clients with unique projects whose quality and efficiency are unrivalled. Committed to innovation in local anaesthesia and pain management, the firm is constantly working to drive change within the market and provide new and unique products for its customers and patients. Operating around the world, Sintetica is focused on translating excellence in science into solutions for anaesthetists and patients who benefit from the anaesthetics and analgesics that are researched and manufactured in Switzerland powered 100 per cent by green energy. Offering solutions that are developed and created in-house, the firm is able to constantly ensure quality and accountability, ensuring that clients can feel assured that they are receiving the highest possible quality of solution when they buy from Sintetica. Thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation, over the years Sintetica has won a myriad of awards. CEO Augusto Mitidieri is also highly recognised, which is a testimony to his exceptional leadership and vast experience in the injectables market. Striving towards constant excellence, Augusto, supported by his senior team, works tirelessly towards changing the injectable anaesthetics and analgesics space for the better. Oliver understands the market better than many, and he is eager to drive it towards innovation and help change the lives of patients internationally. Such a vision would be impossible to work towards without dedicated, expert staff. As such, Sintetica is constantly working to attract and retain the best talent in the pharmaceutical market by offering a welcoming, supportive internal culture where all employees, including part-time and agency support staff are valued and treated equally and the opportunity to contribute to a unique legacy of excellence that spans more than 98 years. Overall, with operations around the world, this agile and multicultural high-performing organization is built to support both the robust national growth and the rapid global expansion. As such, over the coming years Sintetica will be enhancing its current organisation to ensure it remains a key player in this ever-evolving and constantly relevant market, which looks set to grow exponentially in the future. Contact Details: Contact: Oliver Tweedie Website: