International Life Sciences Awards 2019

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2019 11 , Gene Predictis S.A. Most Pioneering Precision Medicine Company – Europe & Best Pharmacogenetics Product: Pill Protect A pioneer in the precisionmedicine market, Gene Predictis S.A. is a revolutionary Swiss firm dedicated to developing and commercialising innovative diagnostic tools based on genetics. To celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s International Life Sciences Awards we profile it and share an insight into its vital work and how this has driven the company to win not one but two of these coveted accolades. Since its inception Gene Predictis ® has been operating at the forefront of precision medicine, creating solutions that are based upon the latest research data and proprietary algorithms, and are easy to use for health professionals across the healthcare market. Today, this innovative firm’s unique products enable to improve drug treatment efficacy and/or significantly reduce harmful side effects resulting from adverse drug reactions. Gene Predictis ® also develops genetic tests that help to establish predictive diagnosis, paving the way for highly personalised medical advice. Among the firm’s unique solutions is its Pill Protec ® . It addresses a very important global market, estimated at several billion US$ (more than 100 million women worldwide use combined contraceptive pills). The pills increase the risk of thrombosis and, as a result, one of 1000 users develops a thrombosis. Despite this, contraceptive pills remain among of the most convenient and most effective contraceptives suitable to most women. Pill Protect ® is the most effective tool on the market currently and the first quantitative tool to make it possible to objectively measure the risk of developing thrombosis related to contraceptive pill use and to choose the best contraceptive pill/method for each woman. This is a genetic test combined with an algorithm that takes into account woman’s genetics, her clinical risk factors, as well as the chemistry of the pill. The test and algorithm have been validated in a clinical study that included 1’600 women; they are CE-IVD marked and patented. In addition, the test is reimbursed by a private insurance in Switzerland. Gene Predictis ® believe that this innovative test will improve safety for women and help healthcare providers to quickly and efficiently select the correct treatment for their patients. Whilst Gene Predictis ® has the freedom to operate in Switzerland, the EU and the USA, it is currently marketing this innovative product exclusively in Switzerland. At present, this innovative company is seeking to move the solution to the global stage. Currently, the company focuses on developing tools to further personalise drug treatments and contribute to prevention of certain diseases. In parallel with this work, Gene Predictis ® possesses the authorised medical testing laboratories and proposes its services of medical testing laboratory for genetic and molecular microbiology analyses. Looking to the future, Gene Predictis ® will continue to drive innovation and development throughout the precision medicine market to ensure patients around the world benefit from targeted, genetically proven treatments and diagnostic solutions. Contact Details: Company: Gene Predictis S.A. Contact: Goranka Tanackovic (e-mail: [email protected]; phone: +41 21 691 43 75 ) Website: