International Life Sciences Awards 2019

14 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2019 , Alphanosos Best Chronic Disease Novel Therapies Developers - Europe: Alphanosos Alphanosos is reinventing plant-based well-being and medicine through its research and development workwith its proprietaryArtificial Intelligence.We invited Founder PascalMayer to tell us more about this innovative company and the unique range of solutions it has to offer. Established in 2015, Alphanosos discovers, patents and produces botanical preparations with antimicrobial and anti-cancer properties. These innovative actives are based on synergistic mixes of Water Extracts of Complex Mixes of Edible Plants (WECMEPs). These blends are selected and optimized with the firm’s own Artificial Intelligence algorithms and rapid discovery platform. These discoveries will eventually be confirmed as ground-breaking treatments, especially for chronic diseases, and mark the beginning of a legacy of success in this market for Alphanosos, as Pascal explains in his opening comments. “At Alphanosos our patent pending WECMEPs are incorporated into commercial products and generate its first revenues. Our first products are veterinary hygiene products and human cosmetics. WECMEPs are also evaluated as additives for aquaculture and animal feed in general. Later, we will use them in dietary supplements and finally as drugs. The initial target diseases will be bacterial infections, in particular those responsible for certain chronic inflammations, starting with skin affections, and those resistant to conventional antibiotics, and cancers. These short term products will lead us to our ultimate vision of providing health preservation products personalized on the basis of somatic and microbiota genetic profiles and Artificial Intelligence.” As part of its drive towards innovation in the life sciences market, Alphanosos is aiming to collaborate with a range of other companies to create unique solutions, as Pascal highlights. “Seeking to support our peers in the market, we are offering partnerships on the discovery of specialized WECMEPs. The life science industry has yet to realize the potential of this approach, which allows to develop “Botanial Drugs” (FDA) which are eligible for direct entry into phase II (USA). The animal feed industry starts already realizing the enormous potential of the rapid development of actives made of botanicals already registered as feed additive.” As he concludes his comments, Pascal is keen to discuss the future and how his firm will continue to work towards innovation. “Looking ahead, the immediate future for Alphanosos will revolve around expanding our veterinary hygiene product line and launching our dermocosmetic products. Next will be alternatives to antibiotics for animal feed additives and also functional foods, drinks and food preservatives. Alphanosos is studying many other applications to its proprietary technology like natural antibiotics for animals and humans (gonorrhoea, tuberculosis, antimicrobial resistance), preventive and curative oncology, biodefense and, based on somatic and microbiota genetic profiles, personalized prevention of microorganism induced chronic inflammatory diseases such as Lyme’s, Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, inception of certain cancers, etc. It is also envisioned to work with partners on viruses such as seasonal flu, and also pain, inflammation, aging, etc. “Overall, all of these benefits will help drive Alphanosos towards greater industry renown and showcase our innovative approach towards novel therapies. We strongly believe that WECMEPs will be the future of pharma industry: turning from hazardous and polluting ‘first time in the universe’ single compounds towards nearly certainly safe and biodegradable system’s biology therapies. We are already driving this revolution and we look forward to seeing it through.” Contact Details: Company: Alphanosos Name: Pascal Mayer Address: 20-22 rue Henri et Gilberte Goudier, 63200 Riom, France Phone: +33 982 211 049 Web Address: