International Life Sciences Awards 2019

6 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2019 , Systasy Bioscience GmbH Best Bespoke Drug Discovery Solutions Provider – Europe & Best Cell-Based Protein Interaction Assay Design Product: Custom targetSCREENER Assay Thanks to the extensive industry experience of its Senior Team, Systasy Bioscience GmbH acts as a unique Biotech company focusing on reviving drug discovery for complex brain disorders. To celebrate the firmwinning not one but two of this year’s highly coveted International Life Sciences Awards we profile the firmand share an insight into the vital work it undertakes in this crucial sector. Established in 2012 by a team of neuroscientists, molecular biologists and bioinformatic scientists, Systasy is a contract research organization in the field of complex brain disorders. Together the Founders share the vision that recent scientific insights in the genetics of brain disorders needs to be complemented with a systems- level pharmacological strategy in drug discovery. As a result, they drive this innovative company towards achieving truly life- changing results. By developing an innovative High Content Profiling strategy for target identification and lead optimization, which involves the usage of molecularly barcoded reporter gene assays in patient-derived disease models, Systasy aims to support the development of effective tailor- made therapies. Such a service offering is vital in today’s healthcare and life sciences market, as brain disorders are the core health challenge of the 21st century, primarily due to the demographic change. The global economic burden of CNS diseases was estimated at 2,5 trillion USD in 2010 - more than cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes combined, and is expected to increase to 6 trillion USD by 2030. Attempts to discover new drugs for genetically complex brain disorders, such as major depression, schizophrenia and Alzheimer´s, have proven extremely difficult. Insufficient knowledge of the underlying biological mechanisms represents a critical challenge impacting the drug discovery process. This challenge is driving the need for innovative technologies that can elucidate the complex cellular communication in the early stages of drug discovery. At Systasy, the expert team address this need by delivering unmatched mode-of-action insights through highly multiplexed profiling services for target identification, lead optimization, and safety profiling. Working together with some of the leading lights within the industry, the firm’s team collaborate with clinicians and scientists in pharma and biotech research to apply its High Content Profiling services for dissecting complex disease processes. These services are highly innovative and offer a completely new approach to drug discovery in this field. The firm’s EXTassay technology lies at the core of the High Content Profiling strategy using genetically encoded biosensors in combination with next-generation sequencing (NGS) for highly multiplexed phenotypic and phenogenomic screens. All cell signalling events are captured by molecularly barcoded reporters in one single experiment, resulting in measurements of large data sets. This technology allows to dissect the complex biology of brain disorders in neurobiological test systems, such as in primary mouse neurons and human iPSC-derived disease models. Additionally, Systasy’s splitSENSOR technology is a highly sensitive, flexible and easy-to-use reporter assay system to monitor various cellular events in living cells, including the activity of drug targets. Various cellular events, such as regulated protein-protein interactions, can be robustly and quantitatively measured both at the membrane and in the cytosol of the cell. This feature makes it an invaluable tool for assessing the activity of receptors as measured by the regulated binding to their cognate cytosolic adapters. Seeking to continue to drive innovation in the brain disorder drug discovery market, looking ahead Systasy will be working to further increase mode-of-action knowledge for the identification of novel targets for first-in-class drug discovery. As part of this focus the company will continue to expand its toolbox for in-depth mode-of-action and safety profiling, which will help Systasy to drive the life sciences market even closer towards providing viable relief to patients with a variety of brain disorders. Contact Details: Company: Systasy Bioscience GmbH Name: Dr. Sven Wichert, CEO Address: Balanstr. 6, 81669 München, Germany Telephone Number: +49 (0) 89 2155 3085 Web Address: