International Life Sciences Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 International Life Sciences Awards 13 , Kuros Biosciences BestSpinalSurgerySolutionsProvider 2020&LeadingPioneers inControlled Bone Healing Solutions 2020 The world of orthobiologics has become big business in the medical sector, growing rapidly as the fieldmatures and garners more experience. By focusing on spinal surgery, the teamat Kuros Biosciences have been able to become leaders in this area. We take a closer look at the firm to see how they’ve been able to consistently achieve such impressive results. Since 2000, Kuros Biosciences has been leading the way in orthobiologics. With a team that boasts over 150 years of combined research experience, there is no other organisation that comes close to offering what they can deliver. Never content with settling for what is there, this spinal surgery provider has flourished because the team are constantly looking for new and better ways in which spine surgeons can achieve spinal fusion in their patients. Their laser-sharp focus on the elimination of orthopedic non- unions in the spine alongside the improvement of rehabilitation for patients receiving back surgery has ensured they have achieved great things. Aug20622 The scientific pedigree that forms the heart of Kuros is one with which the team are very proud. At every level, the company leads the way. The CEO, Joost de Bruijn, has developed bone grafts for over 28 years, has held professor chairs at University of London and University of Twente, and published 184 peer-reviewed scientific papers with over 13,000 citations relating to the field of orthopedic research. Joost is one of many PhD’s at Kuros who have dedicated their professional lives to improving the standard of care in spine surgery. By ensuring that the commercial and the research sides of Kuros are so closely intertwined, the team have been able to not only push forward on behalf of surgeons in the field, but they can develop the essential peer-reviewed and published preclinical and clinical evidence that will support commercialisation of the team’s technologies. While Kuros’ emphasis on the spine might seem a highly targeted policy, it is a target that continues to change and develop as patients change and develop. Demographics in this field are constantly evolving, with factors such as an aging population and growing obesity changing the nature of what is needed in spinal surgery. The path and pace of development, therefore, is guided by the unmet clinical needs within the field. The demand is one that continues to grow, with 876,000 spinal fusions expected in the USA by 2022. Spinal surgeons, however, see 17% of spinal fusions fail, which has a significant impact on patient’s lives and the healthcare economy. The new technologies that the team are developing in the field of biologics are vital to ensuring that the health-economic impact of these failed procedures is minimal. The nature of spinal surgery means that it is a significant challenge to move towards a less invasive approach, but Kuros is currently developing new bone graft products that will make this process much easier, filling the intervertebral spaces using MIS. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many surgeries cancelled or delayed, but the resumption of elective surgery in the US has allowed the team to initiate the STRUCTURE trial, investigating Fibrin-PTH (KUR-113) for transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) procedures in patients with degenerative disc disease. Fibrin-PTH is the first- ever investigational drug-biologic product candidate being evaluated for spinal fusion and addresses a vast clinical need. Fibrin-PTH promotes controlled and targeted bone formation at the site of implantation and has been demonstrated in relevant animal models of spinal fusion to be comparable to rhBMP-2. It’s an innovative approach to spinal surgery. The aim was not only to achieve interbody spine fusion, but to evaluate this technology for both open and minimally invasive surgical technique under clinical trial conditions. The process is performed by delivering a flowable drug-biologic bone graft through a narrow-gauge delivery system. Kuros leads the field when it comes to spinal surgery, championing not just sophisticated techniques, but the continual refinement of these techniques. Science and evidence- based medicine leads at Kuros, which is why it is certain to continue thriving for years to come. Company: Kuros Biosciences Contact: Joost de Bruijn Website: Left: Joost de Bruijn, CEO. Clockwise from top-left: Clemens van Blitterswijk, Chairman; Philippe Saudan, Chief Development Officer; Florence de Groot, Head of Development; Huipin Yuan, Research Manager; Luuk van Dijk, Research Scientist; Charlie Campion, Head of Global Marketing.