International Life Sciences Awards 2020

14 GHP / 2020 International Life Sciences Awards , Sky Medical Technology Most Innovative MedTech Company 2020 As the UK tackles a global health crisis that is unparalleled in living history, the health sector is seeking the most effective and innovative medical solutions for a range of conditions. Sky Medical Technology is theUK-basedmedical devices company behind the bioelectronicmedicine technology, OnPulse TM . The non-invasive technology has been identified as particularly effective for the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE), oedema reduction and wound healing. Having also been recognised as beneficial to the treatment of seriously ill COVID-19 patients, at risk for developing serious blood clots, Sky supplied 4,700 pairs of its geko TM devices to the NHS Supply Chain, to be used for at-risk COVID-19 patients in ICU departments across the country. Aug20362 Established in 2006, Sky Medical Technology is focused on the use of its proprietary neuromuscular electrostimulation technology to treat a range of conditions and unmet needs within healthcare. This led to the creation of its geko TM device, a wearable device that uses OnPulse TM technology, which can be tailored to different medical applications and sold both directly and through partnerships and distributors in various clinical areas. These partnerships are the lifeblood of Sky, as it is only through collaborations with clinicians who share their vision for innovation that the organisation is able to change clinical practice across the globe, in order to solve some of healthcare’s most pressing issues. The geko TM device, developed by Sky, is a wristwatch-sized, non- invasive neuromuscular electrostimulation device that can be used across multiple therapy areas, including cardiovascular disease and elite sports therapy. Treating a range of medical applications, the geko TM device has been identified as particularly effective in the prevention of VTE, as proven in a research partnership with the Royal Stoke University Hospital in 2018 that analysed its impact on at-risk patients recovering from stroke. One thousand immobile hyper-acute stroke patients had their contraindication or intolerance to Intermittent Pneumatic Compress (IPC), the standard VTE prevention method, quantified. Those unable to tolerate IPC were prescribed the geko TM device. At 90 days, the data showed that of the patients treated with IPC alone, 2.4% suffered a VTE event, compared to 0% incidence of VTE in patients prescribed the geko TM device alone. Also effective in the prevention and reduction of oedema and wound healing, as well as being a more cost-effective solution, the geko TM device has proven a valuable asset in meeting previously unmet needs in different areas of clinical application. Sky’s innovative mechanism of action has proved particularly invaluable amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, in which ICUs across the world recognised that hospitalised patients presented a high blood clot and high bleed risk. Primary interventions such as anticoagulants and IPC were unsuitable for some patients because they risked causing further bleeding in patients with high bleed risk, while IPC could cause patients to become contraindicated due to fragile skin, a recent wound or allergy to cuff materials. This left many patients at risk of VTE and was established as a major contributor to COVID-19 multi-organ failure. As a non-invasive device that is applied externally, the geko TM device eliminated the risks of anticoagulants, whilst the small size was more suitable for patients with fragile skin and the single-use nature of the device reduces the risk of infection transmission. As a result, the NHS Supply Chain purchased 4,700 pairs of the device in April, initially for use in the London Nightingale Hospital, at the height of the pandemic, for use on the most critically ill COVID-19 patients. This represents just a percentage of the 700,000 individual geko TM devices that have been distributed globally, with most in use in fourteen of Sky’s target countries. In 2018/19, the organisation generated its first revenue from sales to end customers, whilst generating in-market sales of £1.1 million in 2019. The global success of the UK-based firm lies not only with the executive team of ambitious individuals, who have each been selected from the major players of the health science industry, but in their establishment of partnerships around the world. By building relationships with those who have a deep knowledge of healthcare systems and the challenges in different territories, Sky has been able to adapt to succeed in global markets. This includes creating a network of medical distributors to sell geko TM products to key in-market customers, making use of the expertise of these distributors and importantly establishing clinical partners. As the company continues to enjoy exponential global growth and reach, currently Sky still manages every aspect of the automatic assembly process in the UK with scalability in mind, to continue growing from stable foundations. It has enabled Sky to continue to play a vital role in the UK’s fight against COVID-19, alongside its primary application areas of unmet clinical need. As the medical industry unites to protect the health of our nation, Sky is offering its unwavering and invaluable support in the form of its revolutionary technology. Contact: Sue Davenport Company: Sky Medical Technology Web Address: