International Life Sciences Awards 2020

20 GHP / 2020 International Life Sciences Awards , 3DHISTECH Leading Pioneers in Digital Pathology 2020 & Best Pathology Management Software Solution: CaseManager™ As a pioneer of digital pathology, 3DHISTECHdevelops andmanufactures digital slide scanners and accompanying software. 3DHISTECH is currentlyupgrading the latest version of CaseManager TM , the pathology information systemfor routine digital pathologywhichhas earned 3DHISTECHsuccess as the Best PathologyManagement Software Solution at International Life Science Awards 2020. Founded in 1996, 3DHISTECH is the first European manufacturer of digital pathology devices and one of the global market leaders. 3DHISTECH is dedicated to providing clinical pathologists, researchers and universities with digital pathology solutions to facilitate quick and accurate diagnostics, supporting medical discoveries and fostering education. Developing, manufacturing and providing via distributors digital slide scanners, software applications for the digital slides and other products, such as tissue microarray machinery, 3DHISTECH serves routine pathology laboratories, companies and institutions involved in medical and pharmaceutical research, as well as medical universities. Operating in a very competitive market that is becoming increasingly saturated due to the rising incidence of cancer globally, and alongside giants such as Philips, Roche (Ventana), Leica and Hamamatsu, 3DHISTECH puts its success down to its focus in digital pathology. “We keep our eyes peeled on what’s happening in the industry but we stick to our own path, focusing on constant development and improvement of our solutions (hardware and software). “We are the digital pathology company, meaning that we are involved exclusively in developing, manufacturing and marketing digital pathology hardware and software for our customers. Therefore, we offer the widest range of hardware and software in this field. “Our competitors, in contrast, are involved in a number of very diverse industries, from consumer electronics through pharmaceuticals to optical products and thus their focus is inevitably different.” Focusing on pathology management software, 3DHISTECH recognises how important it is and continues to invest concentrated attention on pathology workflow. While the number of cancer cases worldwide increases, so does the shortage of pathologists. Early diagnosis is critical in the treatment of cancer and can result in a greater probability of survival and less expensive treatment. As a result, short turnaround times and integrated environments in which all information for high quality diagnoses can be found in one place are crucial in speeding up the pathology workflow, in order to bring about faster diagnosis rates and increased rates of survival. With the release of the integrated CaseManager TM system, an information system for routine digital pathology that was originally launched in 2018, 3DHISTECH is working towards achieving the required faster workflow. CaseManager TM offers a collaborative working environment in the digital pathology workflow from case registration through slide management, storage and viewing to the final report. This integration into a single software, has made the process easier and faster for pathologists. Ákos Ágyi, PhD, Product Manager for CaseManager TM , expands. “The new integrated CaseManager TM pathology information system gives the pathologist full control of the routine pathology workflow, providing them with all necessary information on a single screen, in an easy-to-use digital format and making it easy for them to make an accurate diagnosis. “Digital slides are stored on a server, opened with the integrated clinical viewer application, while its integrated quantification modules simplify image analysis. Also, CaseManager TM can easily be integrated with already existing hospital (HIS) and/or laboratory information systems (LIS), offering flawless connection and communication between them.” Other key features of the new and improved CaseManager TM system include multi-purpose digital pathology workflow support and comprehensive, easy-to-use pathology case management which integrates all necessary systems and has a direct connection to the hospital and/or laboratory information systems, eliminating the need for the pathologist to log in to multiple systems. Also, all details of a case, from the patient and registration data to the final report form, are visible on a single screen. The integrated clinical viewer application offers unique 9-slide parallel view on a single screen, as well as automatic slide alignment, synchronization of serial sections and advanced annotation options. The viewer displays patient ID and staining information to avoid case confusion. The integrated clinical image analysis modules provide the pathologist with a quantitative image analysis framework, in which three modules with IVD approval (Oestrogen, HER2, and Progesterone) help quantify solid tumour cases. The whole system is protected by safe and stable storage for digital slides and cybersecurity features that include brute-force protection and encryption of patient and user data. CaseManager TM is also a scalable system, suitable from a single user to many concurrent users. 3DHISTECH is confident that the second generation of CaseManager TM will make the lives of pathologists easier, contributing to a fast and accurate diagnosis and as a result, saving lives all across the world. Contact: Marcell BERETZKY Company: 3DHISTECH Web Address: Email: [email protected] Sep20397