International Life Sciences Awards 2020

22 GHP / 2020 International Life Sciences Awards , some of the most exciting talent in the world, as well as remain in close range to many VC firms and investors. As the firm continues to achieve new levels of success, it’s clear that they will also find new ways of expanding their brand in a market that is showing an increasing need for their services. Promaxo Most Innovative Medical Imaging System 2020: The Promaxo MRI System The future of healthcare is changing by the day, with new technologies under development that could revolutionise theway inwhich patients are treated. The teamat Promaxo comprises specialists inMRI andMR guided interventions, using its own system to patients’ lives through customer-centric technological solutions. We take a look at the team in the light of their success. Promaxo is redefining healthcare. The team’s in-depth knowledge of the MRI experience has allowed it to develop accessible and adaptable technology that improves the quality and speed of healthcare delivery to those in need while reducing cost. The challenge with many healthcare developments at the moment is finding a way to keep costs and floorspace down. Promaxo’s solutions are designed to be integrated into a standard doctor’s office. This enables improved clinical outcomes through enhanced care, superior patient and physician experience, and an attractive ROI for healthcare providers and investors. In 2020, it is projected that over 1,500 surgical robots will be in use, a staggering 22-fold increase in the last decade since 69 were installed in 2010. Far from the technology of tomorrow, what Promaxo is doing is providing access to the equipment of today. They are doing this by miniaturizing bulky MRI machines in order to fit in the physician’s office, allowing physicians to conduct diagnostics and eventually surgical procedures inside that space. The healthcare industry is one that traditionally moves quite Oct20068 slowly, with long waiting periods and strict regulations to ensure that new innovations are safe for all concerned with no long lasting effects. The use of technology, however, means that this pace can be increased significantly. With a clear demand for a MRI technology solution that doesn’t have the high associated costs and operational requirements of current machinery, it’s clear that Promaxo has the potential to lead the world into a bold new future. Their vision combines the potential of robotics and imaging functions to shift the point of care to a specialist’s office instead of surgical suites and imaging centers. The system that has been developed has been optimized for prostate imaging and image guided interventions of the prostate. This is because it is the most prevalent cancer in men. For every million people living in the United States, there are currently only 40 MRI machines available for patient treatment. The demand is clear, and unfortunately growing. That said, Promaxo has established a subsidiary to commercialize the technology in additional fields such as brain imaging. The teams have focused on brain imaging for the purpose of triaging, screening, diagnosis and intervention for various brain conditions ranging from traumatic brain injury (TBI) to epilepsy and even brain tumors. It’s an exciting development that could go a long way. Based in Oakland, CA, the team are not far away from the technological research and start- up hub that is Silicon Valley. This means that the team can access Contact Details: Company: Promaxo Contact: Lindsey Hill Email: [email protected]