International Life Sciences Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 International Life Sciences Awards 7 g Sintetica Limited truly human-centric organisation; one that keeps on this journey of learning, innovating, and leading change for others in the industry. His leadership has cultivated an atmosphere that breeds success on a daily basis, and one that does not compromise at all between the people, and the planet that they serve. As for Sintetica Limited, the affiliate will continue to extend its product portfolio, focusing on improved patient care whilst also driving forward with developments in sustainability and the environment. It will be developing an environment impact index for medicines, much like an energy rating, and it will include factors such as energy use, carbon footprint, atmospheric pollutants, toxin production, aquatic impact, and many more. This is an exciting time for Sintetica Limited, though still at an early stage. As the company approaches its fifth year of innovation, there is much to be excited about heading into the future. Contact: Oliver Tweedie Website: