International Life Sciences Awards 2020

8 GHP / 2020 International Life Sciences Awards , Prime Group Best Microbiology Testing Facility in the UAE The Prime Group has emerged a leader in quality and compliance in theUAE, successfully navigating a competitive and vibrant environment formultiple industries. Its subsidiary, Geoscience Testing Laboratory, has carved its position as a highly-reputed laboratory in the wider Gulf, engaging in crucial industries such as construction, healthcare, environment, and food.We take a step back and examinewhatmade this organization shine through the years. The Prime Group is a strong collective of different companies offering quality and compliance solutions in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. It specializes in the field of testing, inspection, certification, and training. The Group is headquartered in the fast-paced emirate of Dubai, but has its subsidiaries scattered across the UAE, India, Japan and the Philippines. It prides itself in its strong workforce, exceptionally trained to adapt to the ever-evolving trends in quality assurance and regulatory requirements for businesses in a variety of industries. Led by a visionary core management, the Group has managed to consistently provide high-quality services, banking on its three main pillars – people, processes, and technology. It has become a leading 360-degree conformity assessment body, which also offers facilities management and other vital services. Current local and international scenarios have pushed industries to the wall, and Prime Group has remained resilient. It vows to continue what it started, and look forward to a prime future. Among its biggest pride is the award-winning Geoscience Testing Laboratory (GTL) , which over the years has responded to the critical needs of industries including construction and consumer goods. Initially starting in soil investigation, GTL has augmented its capacities to include other crucial testing demands in the construction industry, such as physical, mechanical, and chemical analyses of materials. Consequently, the laboratory has been an integral component in the region’s construction ecosystem. But GTL, with its cutting-edge technology and exceptionally-trained experts, has expanded its services further to cater to other high-stakes industries including healthcare as well as food and beverage. The laboratory provides microbial and chemical analysis of water used in hospital dialysis centers, as well as testing of potable water in several establishments. It is also involved in marine water quality and waste water analyses. Contact Details: Company: Geoscience Testing Laboratory (member of Prime Group of Companies) Contact: Angeline Rivera Tel: +971 4 4314690 Email: [email protected] Website: and Sep20314 Furthering its diversification, GTL also offers nutritional analysis, air quality testing, sound and odor monitoring, as well as microbial sampling of food and Halal integrity analysis. Testament to its quality service, GTL has been involved in major public projects for Dubai Municipality, Road and Transport Authority, and the Dubai Electricity and Water Association. Private firms have also used the laboratory for its undertakings, including Nakheel, Emaar, and Aldar. The laboratory, which has five branches across the UAE, is certified to ISO 9001:2008, with most of the team’s tests in the fields of Material Testing, Geotechnical Investigations, Environmental Analysis and Microbiological Testing accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The success of GTL in the International Life Sciences awards cements its reputation as a leading quality and compliance authority in the region. It speaks of the company’s passion and commitment to create a safer and cleaner world for everyone – wherever they are. “But GTL, with its cutting-edge technology and exceptionally-trained experts, has expanded its services further to cater to other high-stakes industries including healthcare as well as food and beverage.” GEOSCIENCE TESTING LABORATORY