International Life Sciences Awards 2020

GHP / 2020 International Life Sciences Awards 9 , BioVariance GmbH Most Innovative Precision Medicine AI Solutions – Europe BioVariance, its Germanmultidisciplinary teamdedicated to developing innovative solutions for precisionmedicine in the health, biotech and pharma sectors, is on amission to support oncologists and doctors in their selection of the optimal therapy for patients. Facilitating customised treatments, BioVariance is aiming to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and extend human longevity bymaking fatal diseases as treatable as the common cold. Established in 2013 in Waldsassen, Germany, BioVariance GmbH has since been recognised far beyond Germany as a leading innovator of Artificial Intelligence in the area of biotechnology several times over. By combining Artificial Intelligence with complex biomedical data, BioVariance seeks to merge precision medicine with holistic digital diagnostics, carrying out long-term monitoring of patients’ molecular characteristics in order to predict the effectiveness, side effects and interactions of drugs and therefore determine the appropriate medication and dosage for each patient individually. The company’s fundamental goal is to support oncologists in selecting the best possible therapy for their patients by providing them with high-quality technological and scientific information, thus improving the quality and extending the longevity of patient’s life. BioVariance’s team consisting of eighteen highly qualified natural, data and computer scientists works across the fields of biology and technology to push the boundaries of pharmaceutical potential. While Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud Computing are advancing rapidly, and the vastly decreasing costs of biomedical analysis correlate with the increasing understanding of diseases, modern medicine is still having a minimal impact on the daily healthcare system. As an example, 90% of all cancer patients receive a ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment instead of an individual therapy for which the technology would already be available. Therefore, BioVariance combines state-of-the-art automation and parallelisation techniques with Machine Learning and mathematical algorithms to tailor-make analysis pipelines for biomedical data that can integrate current clinical knowledge from all over the world. This enables BioVariance to search through millions of clinical studies and references within constantly growing databases and thus find the most efficient treatment for patients individually. All of BioVariance’s ground-breaking work is based on the aim to improve the lives of patients across Europe and beyond. Accordingly, the company’s core values of Integrity, Responsibility, Collaboration, Expertise and Innovation remain as central to BioVariance today as it did when it began in 2013 with less than five employees. As the company now faces a future in which doctors all around the world use BioVariance technology to cure cancer, these values will continue to exist in the very foundations of the organisation. With such big ambitions for the future, it is unsurprising that BioVariance always has the next step of growth in the works. By the end of 2020, the company is planning to accomplish the In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) approval with CE marking in Europe for its personalised medication Contact Details: Contact: Dr Josef Scheiber Company: BioVariance GmbH Web Address: Aug20316 approach for colorectal cancer patients based on tumour DNA analysis. From here, other cancer indications will follow. In the years to come, BioVariance will continue developing its ground-breaking work, constantly striving towards a future in which cancer is no more lethal than the common cold.