International Life Sciences Awards 2021

10 GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2021 , Jun21786 Drug discovery is both an art and a science - and the future lies in combining technology and deep expertise to accelerate the development of new treatments. Arctoris does just that. Arctoris is a global platform company headquartered in Oxford that transforms drug discovery by combining advanced robotics and data science with a teamof seasoned drug hunters and experienced engineers. Arctoris developed Ulysses, a powerful automated platform that generates robust, reliable, fully reproducible datasets at scale, enabling better decision-making in the drug discovery process. Arctoris thereby accelerates the progression of new programs from idea to IND filing and into the clinic - both in its internal pipeline as well as for partners in biotech and pharma worldwide. Arctoris is a research powerhouse, using its technology and expertise to drive the future of drug discovery and bring better medicines to patients faster. Best Global AI Drug Discovery Platform 2021: Arctoris Arctoris developed the world’s first fully automated drug discovery platform, Ulysses, advancing integrated drug discovery projects all the way from Target Validation via Hit ID, Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization to Preclinical Studies. Headquartered in Oxford, with its US operations in Boston, and its Asia-Pacific operations in Singapore, Arctoris progresses a pipeline of assets in oncology and neurology, while also partnering with leaders in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Ulysses enables end-to-end automation of entire discovery functions, leading to fully structured, annotated and above all reproducible data of superior quality generated at speed and enriched with full metadata capture across the entire discovery path. Thanks to its sector-defining technology suite, all experiments are run with precision, accuracy, and full auditability, which means researchers get robust and reliable data every single time - to a degree of quality and transparency that is unattainable with conventional lab operations. Thanks to its transformative use of robotics and data science, Arctoris liberates researchers from excessive time spent on manual, repetitive tasks and enables them to instead focus on higher-value activities such as hypothesis generation, project planning and data analysis & interpretation. Arctoris integrates advanced technology and deep human expertise in its drug discovery approach, thereby augmenting the power of its platform. Arctoris is at the forefront of the data- powered drug discovery space, with a strong IP portfolio at the intersection of robotics, data science, and biology. Thanks to its unique setup, Ulysses enables the rapid development of custom experiments and assay cascades, drastically improving both the speed of data generation and the confidence with which programs can be progressed towards the clinic. In fact, Ulysses generates 100x the number of datapoints per assay compared to industry standard. Especially with AI and machine learning and their need for fully structured, annotated, ML-ready data rising in their importance in the drug discovery ecosystem, Arctoris is the go-to solution for leaders in the industry. Already partnering with several of the world’s leading biotech, pharma, and AI companies on four continents, Arctoris will continue to shape the future of the life sciences industry. Company: Arctoris Contact: Sian Marshall, Head of Office: [email protected] Website: