International Life Sciences Awards 2021

16 GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2021 , Jun21615 iRhythmTechnologies is a digital healthcare company working in the field of cardiology, and it is revolutionising the way cardiac arrhythmias are clinically diagnosed. We talk to its Business Development Manager, Glyn Barnes, to find out more about its efficient and accurate service that is changing the trajectory of the cardiac monitoringmarket and health industry. Best Cardiac Monitoring Solution 2021: Zio® The digital healthcare sector is a rapid growing environment that is overcome with everchanging ideas and solutions. iRhythm was founded in 2006 at Stanford University, following the founders’ profound belief that regular ECG tests were inaccurate and unwieldly. Now, AI technology can accelerate the understanding of large ECG data, as well as accelerating clinical efficiency, so that professionals may completely focus on the needs of the patient, their care and well- being can then take president over the harvesting of data directly by physicians. Zio has the ability to severely increase accuracy of ECG data, so that questionable strips can become extinct. Since the patient can wear the Zio device, their cardiovascular activity can be monitored continuously to produce a larger and more accurate set of data for professionals to then look at and analyse. By getting involved with various NHS bodies such as the AHSN and the NHSx, iRhythm has been sharing beneficial relationships with highly important organisations that will only strengthen as time goes on. This is due to the massive amount of work that has gone into iRhythm’s AI technology and products. Repeat testing can also cost the NHS more, but Zio provides it with a more cost-effective solution, thus, building a strong relationship and sustaining it. Due to a significant drop in referrals for ECG monitoring during the pandemic which, for example, led to a 47% decrease in diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation, it is now common knowledge that the national waiting list has increased more rapidly than ever. However, Zio has been able to help. As part of the NHSx AI Award programme, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital introduced Zio for ambulatory ECG testing in January. As a result, the waiting list for short– term monitoring dropped from 7-8 weeks to just a few days. Long-term monitoring dropped from twenty weeks, and test results are being received for these patients in under three weeks. This early data suggests Zio XT will also be able to reduce the waiting lists at many other sites across the UK. In the long term, iRhythm is preventing the inaccuracy of ECG readings and data, by providing patients with a device that will put their minds at ease. This will create a closer relationship between patient and professional when it comes to their treatment. As such a fast-growing company, iRhythm values creativity, innovation, and putting the patient first. The highly motivated team keeps the patient in mind as they come up with ways to enrich and lengthen people’s lives, through the power of the healthcare system. By being based in the UK, iRhythm is able to provide the NHS with the help it needs with regards to giving patients its care and attention. The UK is building itself up as a leader in the adoption and use of AI technology, and this has meant that iRhythm has been able to evaluate its services across cardiology and stroke care. The international spread of AI technology knowledge, and the way that the UK is advancing in the field, gives iRhythm and Zio a real advantage. In the future, following iRhythm’s NICE recommendation, it is going to support more clinicians and hospitals nationwide. By continuing to be adaptable and intelligent, its systems are going to continue making an impact on healthcare systems around the UK, and then in its predicted expansion into Europe. Contact: Glyn Barnes Company: iRhythmTechnologies Inc. Web: