International Life Sciences Awards 2021

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2021 7 Best Women’s Health MedTech Company 2021 increasing bioavailability. Additionally, due to a dense microcirculation at the vaginal wall, local concentration of biosignals are in rapid equilibrium with plasma, providing a robust, accurate and non-invasive site for monitoring. The MedRing device is an immensely powerful tool. The value of digital health is one which is only becoming clearer as the weeks and months progress. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced patients and healthcare professionals to explore new possibilities when it comes to monitoring a condition, and digital devices are a key part of that. The option to observe from a distance, without physical consultation, has been a boon to many and is certain to become more common. The incredible capacity of the MedRing means that doctors can adjust treatments with ease, directly from a distance, if need be. The team behind LiGalli are certain of their success in this field of vaginal drug delivery and diagnostics and greatly look forward to the next development steps of their astonishing device. Currently, they are preparing for the firm’s phase IIa clinical study with the MedRing for the overactive bladder indication. At the same time, further optimizations are made to the technology and activities are running to automate production and pharmaceutical filling of the device to be able to manufacture in large scale. The first market launch of the MedRing is expected in a couple of years from now. Such a successful firm is built on the combination of skilled scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals and business leaders as well as a strong eco-system of commercial partners and consultants who are passionate about the future of women’s healthcare. LiGalli is continuously reviewing opportunities of finding the ideal partners, and the introduction of the MedRing as a platform presents the ideal opportunity for a commercial partner who is interested in the market, this technology and a long-term licensing arrangement for a unique second-generation vaginal ring. The enormous potential of the MedRing means that it has the potential for its underlying drug delivery and/ or diagnostics approach to be applied to unique product ideas as well. LiGalli welcomes partners to start a discussion about their individual product concepts that could benefit the MedRing. What is clear is that LiGalli has a great future ahead, one which will see the team forge a brave new path for women around the world. We celebrate their incredible success and look forward to seeing what comes of their innovative product in the months and years to come. Company: LiGalli BV Name: Judith Bolle Email: [email protected] Web Address: