International Life Sciences Awards 2021

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2021 9 , Jun21762 Mesencell Biotech is a biotech company which focuses on installing andmaintaining biotech laboratories worldwide. We talk to its Founder Dr Steven Kellner to find out more of what it does, and how it has become a leading company in the sector. Best Biotech Lab Installation &Management Company 2021 Founded over 20 years ago, Mesencell Biotech is a breath of fresh air in the biotech industry. Founder, Steven, says that, “Mesencell Biotech is pioneering quality of life and is on a quest for longevity and anti-morbidity, bringing health, with extended health and lifespan for mankind.” It covers a wide range of fields of application and research in Anti- Ageing, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and Skin Disease, alongside its research into Cancer Immunotherapy. Since Life Sciences is a fast- moving, important, and highly interesting sector of the health industry. Mesencell tries to find inventive and innovative ways to help with diseases and conditions, so that people can live a longer life, with better quality than before. Although regenerative medicine has been left by the wayside for a while now, our lifespan is growing, and our health span doesn’t seem to match. This has led to a higher interest in research for the prevention of disease and the lengthening of the health span itself. Steven reveals that, “While 20 years ago lots of research went into stem cells, in the last years it became obvious that several more cells in one’s body can be used for regeneration. For instance, monocytes from peripheral blood. These monocytes can be transformed into so called dendritic cells and used to treat autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.” Due to the regenerative properties of dendritic cells, they can be used to treat and prevent cancer. Now, the health industry is looking to dendritic cells to create and sustain COVID-19 vaccines for the world. Mesencell’s team is deeply experienced with its roots in scientific yet holistic backgrounds. Steven tells us that this “Spans from the set- up of our preclinical studies into the treatments we offer patients, incorporating stem cells and advanced biomarkers on the one hand, with more paramedical treatments such as bio resonance and alternative healing on the other hand.” Due to operating in areas of maximum relaxation, such as Morocco or Antigua and Barbuda, it is providing its clients with an environment where they can unwind and feel cared for. Having invested around 5 Million Euros in its programs, it has been developing high-end solutions for many physical problems. These funds ensure the essential research into cutting- edge technology and techniques for a better, healthier future. Steven tells us, “The most exciting upcoming research is undoubtedly the first in human clinical trials, with Insulin producing cells to replace beta cells of the pancreas, Dopamine producing cells to treat Parkinson’s, Neprilysin and exosome containing secretome to treat Alzheimer’s, and a vaccine to prevent prostate and breast cancer.” At the moment, Mesencell’s main focus is on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, and immunotherapy solutions. When it comes to the future of Mesencell, Steven concludes, “Mesencell Biotech International is and desires to stay the leader in stem cell isolation. This will be done by operating several fully authorised and licensed centres, with stem cell treatment and immunotherapy centre offering fat harvest, isolation, banking and therapies with mesenchymal stem cells and immunotherapy at the highest medical quality and professional standards, whilst incorporating a holistic healing approach.” By balancing revolutionary scientific techniques and holistic measures, Mesencell is creating a name for itself whilst making a huge difference in the research and practices of improving health spans for humankind. Contact: Steven Kellner Company: Mesencell Biotech GmbH/Ltd Web Address: