International Life Sciences Awards 2022

10 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2022 Life Science Success is a ground-breaking podcast that covers all the important topics in the life science arena. With the help of industry-leading guests, Don Davis explores the current state of the industry, innovative businesses, and where life sciences are heading. Most Engaging Life Science Podcast - USA podcast is a great way of spreading a message and reaching a niche audience. Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2022 suggests that over 34% of survey participants across 20 countries had listened to a podcast in the month preceding the survey. Indeed, podcasts are quickly becoming one of the key ways that people consume media, and therefore they can be exceptional tools for brands, businesses, or even entire industries. Within the Life Science industry, a fledgling podcast is beginning to take flight. Life Science Success covers a plethora of topics within the sector and features interviews with key industry players – so far, the podcast has conducted over 100 interviews. Released on a weekly basis, the podcast covers the guest’s proven methods, principles, strategies, and mindsets in order to implement new technologies that offer tangible benefits. ‘The podcast is differentiated from other podcasts in the space because we focus on the people and what they are doing to have an impact in our world,’ explains Don Davis, the host of Life Science Success. Don, who serves as the president and principal of 5280 Life Sciences Consulting, boasts over 30 years of experience working as an operations expert within both the healthcare and life science industries. Alongside leading the podcast, he also helps organisations bolster their quality processes, program and project management, analytics & KPIs, as well as IT systems and infrastructure in healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. As such, Don’s knowledge and passion for the industry means that Life Science Success is filled with challenging, compelling, and engaging content. ‘The life science podcast environment is a very interesting space,’ he adds. ‘There are podcasts that are hosted by vendors and individuals.’ Life Science Success began as a passion project for Don, in which he focusses primarily upon small to medium sized businesses in life sciences. The ongoing downturn in the United States economy is having an impact on those aforementioned companies; however, Don remains hopeful that, in spite of the challenges they’re facing, such businesses will continue to thrive and innovate. For Life Science Success, recent times have brought forth several exciting opportunities. At the Bio International Convention 2022 in San Diego, the podcast served as the media partner for the Music Beats Cancer Reception. The event fostered an environment in which those working on tackling cancer could come together, in a positive and vibrant environment, to network and share ideas. Moreover, within the next couple of months, Life Science Success will be celebrating the 100th episode of the podcast. Don has several plans for the future, including the release of a book - Overcommitted: How to Transform Your Habits and Achieve the Life You Desire will be available from the 30th of September. He will also be hosting another podcast, this time focusing on healthy eating. Be Fused will focus on the food people choose to put in their bodies and how it has the power to hurt or heal. Countless studies have shown that high fat, processed, and sugary foods increase the risk for certain diseases while eating a diet rich in whole grains and vegetables can safeguard against disease. Be Fused plans to raise awareness surrounding these foods and their impact. Contact: Don Davis Company: Life Science Success Web Address: A Jul22062