International Life Sciences Awards 2022

12 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2022 Genomics has taken on new importance over the last few years, pushing forward our understanding of our bodies and how they work. The team at Genomnis was created primarily to simplify the genomics journey of its users, using the power of bioinformatics coupled with the experience of genetics experts.Their work has identified vital trends in data, earning them success in GHP’s International Life Sciences Awards 2022. We dig deeper to uncover more. Over the years, an enormous amount of data has been produced surrounding the field of genomics. The challenge, therefore, is to efficiently identify disease-causing mutations among millions of variations. In many ways, the aim is to find a needle in a haystack, but in the same way that there are better ways to find a needle than simply looking, the team at Genomnis have developed a solution which can predict the pathogenicity of mutations from any human gene. The team’s leading solution is known as the Human Splicing Finder system, and allows for the identification of splicing signals and the impact of mutations on these signals. With a host of different experiments currently underway in this specialist field, the Genomnis company can offer a unique perspective through its own range of services, designed specifically to overcome the challenges involved in handling so much data. Incredible ingenuity on the part of the Genomnis team has put them in the ideal position to develop innovative solutions for new challenges. A perfect example of their skill can be seen in the development of their Sequence Engineering solution, designed to optimise a sequence of interest to ensure its efficient cloning and processing in various organisms. In less than a minute, this impressive system can provide the ten best sequences from an almost infinite number of solutions. Analysing the world of human genetic data, and more broadly the development of drugs based on genetic information, is a rapidly growing field, but it is one which holds a great deal of importance to how we live. Most recently, this technology has been used in the development of so-called RNA vaccines for COVID-19. The use of the Sequence Engineering solution could analyse this information much more quickly, making it an invaluable addition to the drugs development pipeline. Despite the impressive team already in play, the Genomnis team are always looking to expand, drawing in highly skilled bioinformaticians and geneticists able to anticipate the evolution of the field to provide innovative systems in a timely manner. This determination to look to the future is one of the key factors that keeps the team ahead of the game. Being located in Marseille is a great benefit in this respect offering a nearby academic research unit as well as hospitals to see how their developments work in practice. The market is worldwide, but the development is always focused on local needs. Looking ahead, the Genomnis team are aiming to launch the Pro version of UMD-Predictor with access to the most recent human reference genome and increased accuracy, thereby increasing the difference with its competitors. The ability of the team to develop specific solutions that suit their customers’ needs has brought them enormous attention over the years. With drug development a constant in the background of our lives, it seems certain that businesses like Genomnis will become more important than ever before. Company: Genomnis SA Name: Pierre Béroud Email: [email protected] Web Address: Leading Pioneers in Genetic Bioinformatics 2022 Jun22416