International Life Sciences Awards 2022

13 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2022 KAHLITY, founded in 2013, is a Swiss consultancy provider to the medical device, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries with a team of strong dynamic consultants who have a proven track record for both managing projects and also providing consulting services to companies within the healthcare sector. KAHLITY has experience in the management of personnel in a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment, and by utilising their large network and many partnerships, the team is able to provide the best value for customers; often exceeding their expectations. Best Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Consultancy - Northwest Switzerland ince 2017, KAHLITY has been actively providing consulting services to companies specific to the European Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (EU-MDR) and the European In-Vitro Diagnostics Regulation 2017/746 (EU-IVDR). KAHLITY has completed gap assessments between the European regulatory requirements and clients existing Quality Management System (QMS) or technical files/design dossiers, completed technical files remediation to those regulatory requirements, trained personnel on the regulatory framework, and worked with the clients to define what their upcoming regulatory strategy will be. The team’s expertise is specialised across medical devices including dental implants, orthopaedic implants, hearing aids, software, in-vitro diagnostics, drug device combination products, single-use devices, and both surgical and laboratory instruments (general, active implantable, implantable and in-vitro diagnostic). KAHLITY offers Swiss Authorised Representative services to manufacturers based outside of Switzerland, and KAHLITY France SAS offers European Authorised Representative services. KAHLITY’s team of consultants are experienced with industry gained skills, and motivated to deliver the clients expected outcome with frequent communication to the clients on progress. There is a flat structure within KAHLITY which means everyone works together to complete the endpoint. KAHLITY’s team members adapt themselves according to the best interest of clients, partners, and the company. When it comes to competitors, KAHLITY’s view point is positive and believes they become potential partners. The purpose of the healthcare industry is to contribute to providing a better life for people through the medicines, medical devices and pharmaceuticals products used on a routine basis. Therefore, KAHLITY believes in collaboration more than competition. KAHLITY collaborates with other consulting companies that are providing services that are similar or complementary to its own. The goal is to ensure their clients have all the resources they need at any time. KAHLITY’s headquarters are in Basel-City, Switzerland. Just a few minutes away from some of the largest medical device manufacturers in industry and with the added benefits of having an airport and two train stations, Basel provides the infrastructure so that the team can travel anywhere to meet and support clients. If there is a requirement to have a meeting room or a large conference room, fabulous offices are available to rent in Basel city centre. Ultimately, KAHLITY’s strength is its network of consultants, recruiters, and partners, which has been growing since its establishment, enabling it to offer the most personalised and flexible services to clients. With its strong structure and diverse skillset people, the aim for KAHLITY is to continue growing as a business so it can help its clients’ businesses do the same. Company: KAHLITY GmbH Contact: Mélodie Kahl Email: [email protected] Website: S Jun22587