International Life Sciences Awards 2022

14 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2022 ISCA and it’s UK brand, Iscaguard, have become well known within the cosmetic preservative industry. With its roots leading back to 1998, ISCA boasts a wealth of experience, and as a result, its products provide exceptional results at an affordable cost. Best Cosmetic Chemical Manufacturer 2022 he genesis of ISCA’s story takes place 24 years ago, when the ISCA brand began to establish its reputation in the cosmetic preservatives by initially selling goods from several vendors. The company then chose to produce its own cosmetic preservative after identifying a gap in the industry. Through this decision, Iscaguard was born. 10 years down the line, Iscaguard ships to 39 nations and employs a workforce of 17 people, including two specialised microbiologists. Three core values support ISCA’s work – sustainability, openness, and honesty. These fundamental values act as a guide upon which ISCA has shaped the business, and as a result, have enabled ISCA to provide exceptional customer service. For example, ISCA is receptive to feedback from its users, employees, and stakeholders, and it truly values their transparency. It believes that through listening and taking on board such comments that it will become a better business. Further, it believes that through being honest itself, that it will maintain a sense of integrity. These traits are, therefore, embedded within the structure of Iscaguard. Consequently, Iscaguard has established a reputation as a skilled, adaptable, and trustworthy manufacturer of premium speciality chemical products that are also reasonably priced. The brand takes the time to pay attention to feedback and, on an important note, the trends emerging within the industry. Such elements, along with the backing of a vibrant team, have pushed Iscaguard to the forefront of the industry. Iscaguard’s technical team are constantly working to enhance existing formulations and are exploring new possibilities. This is greater supported by the team of microbiologists who are dedicated to conducting a thorough testing service, providing clients with a range of testing alternatives, and are persistently searching for new or enhanced testing techniques. The newest branch, ISCA Cosmetic Testing, is composed of a competent team of women in science. ISCA Cosmetic Testing takes the confusion out of cosmetic product testing. However, whilst the brand has achieved unprecedented levels of success, it has also faced its fair share of challenges – Gemma Jones, Head of Cosmetic Microbiology, explains: ‘COVID-19 had a significant impact on the trends seen in the cosmetics market. There was a lesser demand for makeup products like lipsticks and foundations, and an increased demand for at home skin care treatments. More significantly, there was a major demand for antibacterial formulations and hygiene products, and consumers were panic buying. As a result, in 2020 we saw an increase in our preservative sales. By 2021 however, we were in the same position as many other companies. R&D work across the globe had ceased and so no new products were being developed and demand dropped. Additionally, with the effect on global logistics, we saw a sharp increase in raw material prices and freight costs. Now in 2022 we are starting to see the effects of COVID-19 slowly dissipating as R&D work has been able to resume.’ Indeed, as the industry enters a period of recovery, Iscaguard has plans to further improve upon its services. It endeavours to utilise the lessons that it has learnt throughout the pandemic to cater to a new, broader clientele through developing its services and growing its range of award-winning and eco-certified formulations. Furthermore, Iscaguard vows to continue putting its clients first, as this is the company’s purpose. Contact: Gemma Jones Company: ISCA Web Address: T Jun22663