International Life Sciences Awards 2022

15 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2022 Seafood issuchan important part of somany people’s lifestyles, but the team at Umami Meats know that many fishes have become near extinct because of industrial fishing practices. They want people to have their fish, and eat it too, through cultivated, ‘not caught’ seafood that is better for everyone. In GHP’s International Life Sciences Awards 2022, the team were rewarded for their incredible efforts. We caught up with Mihir Pershad to uncover how they’ve managed to achieve such astonishing results. Humanity’s impact on the planet has become clearer than ever before over the last few years. The work of the team from Umami Meats has been directed at developing pioneering solutions to the various difficulties facing the world as a whole, focusing primarily on the seafood market. Their delicious, nutritious, and affordably cultivated fish could revolutionise the way in which we eat – but how have they done it? The world of alternative protein has grown dramatically over the last few years, with overfishing causing significant gaps in our ability to feed populations using traditional production methods. “Industrial animal agriculture and aquaculture increase the risk of zoonotic diseases, damage our environment, and are a leading cause of species extinctions,” Mihir explains. “As we are building on the frontier of the life sciences sector, we are always looking at the newest advances to help us achieve our goal of cultivating seafood at price parity with traditional caught fish.” The development of this technology in Singapore is by no means surprising. It is, in many ways, the ideal location from which to launch a game-changing technology. As a trading and business hub for Southeast Asia and the first country in the world to approve sale of cultivated meat, it sets the standard for others. “Singapore is building a regional food-tech center and investing resources to support companies that are developing novel food production technologies that enable localized, climate resilient food supply,” Mihir informs us. It’s one of the reasons why the business has not only been able to establish itself, but to take the industry by storm. The ability to cultivate meat and fish is an incredibly important issue that must be overcome in the near future. To combat the impressive challenges, an incredible team has been assembled by Umami Meats. “We are assembling a deeply technical team with experience in fish cell line development, muscle and fat tissue maturation, bioprocess engineering, and culinary science,” Mihir tells us. “Our ideal team members are inquisitive, independent thinkers who love solving difficult problems and thinking of novel approaches to long-established challenges. We encourage our team members to take smart risks and explore new approaches and give them the resources and freedom to do so.” Such an innovative approach to an age-old problem has not been easy to come by, but the team have never settled at any point. Mihir was proud to tell us a little more about some of the projects that the Umami Meats team have been working on: “We are going to be launching a number of product demonstrations and prototypes over the next 6-8 months, showcasing increasingly structured, premium seafood products from a range of IUCN listed species. We are also establishing additional collaborations to begin the scale up of our technology and plan to announce some of these in the coming months.” With such amazing plans on the horizon for this talented team, we’ve little doubt they will achieve incredible results in the future. The world of alternative protein has gained a new champion in the form of Umami Meats. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Umami Meats Name: Mihir Pershad Email: [email protected] Web Address: Best Aquaculture Company - Asia Jul22142