International Life Sciences Awards 2022

17 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2022 With more than 30 years’ experience in serving life science leaders, Azzur Group LLC has developed and tailored solutions specifically to address the unique challenges of earlyphase manufacturers and accelerate their speed to market. With Azzur Group focusing on compliance, this means its clients can focus on what they do best: the science. Most Innovative Early-Phase Biotech Manufacturing Solutions Provider 2022 rom Discovery to Delivery™, Azzur Group provides the life science community with full lifecycle solutions for all their GxP needs. From Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand™ facilities, to its labs, training centres, and consulting offices across the nation, Azzur Group helps organisations start, scale, and sustain their growing enterprises. With over three decades of service to the life science community, it has become a trusted partner to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and healthcare companies, as well as their supply chain. Playing a key part in Azzur Group’s success are its mission and core values, which its team take pride in. The mission is simple: to lead the healthcare and life science industries in innovative quality and compliance solutions, From Discovery to Delivery™. And its values have stayed the same since it was first established, remaining the catalyst to its success. As the industry evolves, Azzur Group will remain agile while staying true to its fundamental values. These are putting others first; having courage to take action; taking personal responsibility; and, having fun. Azzur Group likes to think of itself as proactive rather than reactive. For instance, Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand™ was developed to support its fast-moving and entrepreneurial clients looking for a middle ground between building their own facilities and outsourcing to contract development and management organisations (CDMOs/CMOs). In 2015 and 2016, the company took action after receiving repeat requests from its clients asking for the design and build of cleanrooms in high rises that were unsuitable for GMP manufacturing. Last year, Azzur Group opened a new facility in Burlington, MA, which was already at capacity before even opening its doors. It is continuing to open additional facilities in the coming year around pharma and biotech hubs in Raleigh, NC; San Francisco, CA; and Devens, MA. In doing so, it will continue to support life science organisations with their cGMP needs, allowing them to accelerate the development of life-changing pharmaceuticals and therapeutics. With the company being based across the entire United States, there are many benefits for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand™ operations have been purposely set up in areas with thriving or emerging biotech and life science industries. Its future growth will continue to serve burgeoning life science hubs across the country. With each Cleanrooms on Demand™, Azzur Group creates new employment opportunities in the region. For example, its operation in Vista, CA has created 20 new, highly specialised jobs in the first year alone. It also enables life science companies in those regions to rapidly move from scientific discoveries to manufacturing and delivery of treatments, therapies, and other advances. With that success comes the opportunity for clients to expand their workforces, as well. Azzur Group is forward-looking, and it stays on the path that best benefits its clients’ needs. The difference between Azzur Group and its competitors is that it offers its clients a variety of wraparound services in good manufacturing practices, regulatory and quality advisory services, materials handling and storage, as well as full-scale laboratory services and GxP training. Most companies do not do that. And none of what Azzur Group does could be possible without its multidisciplinary team and their comprehensive approach to client challenges. Many of the company’s employees have practical life sciences career experience, while others have advanced degrees related to life sciences. Still, others have a background in engineering. These academic and practical attributes contribute to a company culture that supports its clients and enables the company to act as a trusted advisor to its fast-moving client base. Azzur Group is proud to be Certified™ by Great Place to Work®, based entirely on what its current employees say about working at the company. Its main driver for this success is how it continues to meet its mission and core values head-on. Throughout 2022 and looking into 2023, Azzur continues to scale operations throughout the United States, breaking ground in pharmaceutical and biotech hubs—bringing an additional 70+ cleanrooms to innovators throughout the country. Company: Azzur Group LLC Contact: Katie Kiley Brown Email: katie.b[email protected] Website: F Jul22554 Azzur Group LLC