International Life Sciences Awards 2022

19 A group that has focused itself on the import and distribution of medical cannabis in Germany, Cannamedical is selling its products to pharmacies and medical institutes in order to foster a patient first attitude amongst its peers. Fundamentally, it is the Cannamedical belief that no one deserves to linger in pain unnecessarily, and with medical cannabis’s proven ability to negate a wide range of symptoms, its flowers are the widest portfolio in the industry, and its medical cannabis extract has also gained massive traction. Best Medical Cannabis Products Supplier 2022 - Germany annamedical, a group that always keeps the patients at the very core of its operations, has made a name for itself with its cannabis powered pain relief. Its huge portfolio of flora, medical cannabis extract, and expansive knowledge of how the plant can be used in medicinal contexts is truly market leading. Selling to several pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, and more, working on the further education of its industry and the wider medical community by operating directly with doctors, pharmacists, and patients, it has endeared itself to peers and end users alike with its endlessly sensitive and practical approach. Practicality, for Cannamedical, is in ensuring that patients know exactly what it is they’re being sold, what it can do for them, and how to use it. This fosters a true feeling of trust between supplier and source, as well as between supplier and end user, making it an important starting block that its clients rely on in order to grant their patients access to the best medical solutions that will truly help. Nominally, since its very beginnings, its dedication to people has been a cornerstone of its operations, as it hopes that between it and its peers such as Tilray and Aurora over in Canada, it can begin to guide the medical industry towards a realisation about the place of such a substance in the field. The subsequent revolution stands to benefit people suffering from all manner of different difficulties and conditions. Moreover, it is the Cannamedical belief that revolution is just a consequence of time and experience, and so it hopes to guide this towards one that best stands to help the most people, working hard to plan and forecast the trends that will be prevalent going forward. The market, the politics, and the economy of the world are all factors that shift with such rapidity that it takes a truly dedicated company to keep up. Cannamedical is that company. Indeed, in Germany, it benefits from being the oldest – and therefore the most experienced – medical cannabis company, able to share its vast range of knowledge with the rest of its peers and to actively show its partners and patients just how much it is dedicated to adaptability. Despite its age, it has achieved this by keeping up with all the industry’s newest tricks, making itself as flexible as possible so that it can continue morphing to fit itself to the changing needs of its clients’ patients This was especially important over the past few years as the pandemic rocked the world, sending the medical industry into truly unprecedented levels of hard work that is still going on to this day. With professionals from all areas of the field finding themselves stretched thinner than ever, many found themselves having to rework processes that were no longer applicable. As the first mover in the German medical cannabis sector, Cannamedical now boasts a 25% market share in the flower sector, and a true level of trust and respect that it has cultivated over time from professionals and those who rely on them alike. Importantly, since the legalisation of the substance itself is currently a hot topic in the country, as well as many other places all over the world, Cannamedical is currently preparing for the issues that the legalisation debate will raise for it and companies like it, preparing for any eventuality. Its dedication to people and to helping as many as possible is what is driving this need to prepare, even in the face of an uncertain future in terms of legalities, as it believes it owes it to all those who work with and for it to keep a finger on the pulse of such things. Therefore, the issues at its heart are those that will impact those that impact everyone. With an in-depth commitment to social corporate responsibility evident in how much it is pushing for legalisation and education regarding cannabis as a critical medical aid for those who cope with intense levels of pain daily, it also cares deeply for the environment. Its corporate environmental responsibility has is something that its peers, partners, and patients all recognise, and as the CEO David Henn has recently worked hard to cut the carbon footprint it creates through imports by 50%, this is a company that will always strive to put its money where its mouth is. The trust that it has gained as a result is something that is enabling it to look forward to such a bright future, as its current roster of loyal clients is only growing with each new socio-environmental challenge it strives to address. Going forward, it will be emboldening this element of its business further by establishing a patient advisory board. This will help it keep up with what patients need with help directly from said patients, aiding it to know exactly what direction its research and further development should be taking as it continues to educate C Jul22617