International Life Sciences Awards 2022

21 medical professionals and conglomerates in the benefits of medical cannabis, negating the stigma that so often goes together with the substance. Part of Semdor Pharma Group, it has about 200 total employees, and benefits from being under the umbrella of this parent company by the support it receives. Moreover, with 8 different departments, this young and dynamic team supports itself internally just as much as it supports its patients and partners. Within the ranks of the company, a thriving support network has been built over time, made up of people who are empathetic, intelligent, goal-oriented, and people-focused, fitting within the ethos of the company well and creating an environment where everyone is on the same page, eager and willing to achieve the best results. Remaining supportive and excellent at every turn allows it to thrive, extending the impeccable internal environment out towards its clients and their patients in order to make it a building block of medical infrastructure, rather than just another faceless corporation. Based in Cologne, it is close to its sister companies who also operate under Semdor – such as PS Pharma, PB Pharma, and PSMO – with several international airports in the region that allow it to reach the wider area. In the future, its plans involve everything from research to further development, and it is happy to announce that its exemplary team have every intention to keep leading its market towards a bright future in this way. Nominally, there is a non-interventional study that has begun this year that is expected to soon bear fruit. Currently looking for more doctors to join this programme, this study is geared towards finding out more about the market segment it deigns to serve by seeing it from the position of the professionals who prescribe the drugs that patients end up taking. Moreover, its other research avenues are currently looking into which dosage form is best for a patient when it comes to cannabis and its ingestion for medical purposes, and some patients are physically unable to take it in certain ways and must opt for a specific option, so it does not wish to rule anything out. Hoping to achieve intellectual property and relevant patents from its research, it will be using the acquired knowledge to further improve itself, which in turn will be implemented to further improve the educational resources that this company can offer to patients and professionals alike. Indeed, it is very excited about where all this will be taking it and its field. With legalisation close at hand, it does have to think about a recreational brand and product, which it is currently working on in the background so that if or when it is relevant, it will already be able to hit the ground running by giving the market segment what it wants. Essentially, all of this will help it to grow as a company, strengthening it as a market leader and further proving that when it comes to adaptability, the evidence lies in action. Of course, there are so many more products that it wishes to bring out in the future that it is also walking on in the background, but many of these are still in the early stages of planning and development, and in such cases, Cannamedical is committed to ensuring they undergo the most rigorous of training before they hit the market. This goes for the many medical cannabis products in its lines, from its medical cannabis extract to its multitude of medical cannabis floral products. Each of them boasts the pedigree of having been responsibly grown, expertly cultivated, and responsibly tested, the impacts each strain have carefully catalogued and the different symptoms each can help to relieve being included in as much detail as it possibly can so that a patient never has any doubts about what exactly it is being recommended to them, and why. As well as becoming the most impeccable cannabis company in Germany, the oldest remaining the best as the younger companies in its industry turn to it as the market leader, it is also renowned across Europe. This reputation – made possible by the exemplary staff within its ranks and the loyal, satisfied, and thankful clients who order in its products with which they can help their patients – have secured it as a sector stalwart and leading provider, something that does not look to diminish. Indeed, it is instead forecasting that its growth will continue long into the future. With this award and many more under its belt, it is excited to see what comes next, and encourages clients, end patients, and peers to listen to its podcast in order to learn more about what’s going on in the world of Cannamedical. Indeed, the company promises that those who ‘watch this space’ will see big things starting to appear in the near future, with the most recent podcast episode focusing on Mateo from Culcha Candela and his mother on the trials and tribulations of parenting and showbiz, as well as the most recent news of legalisation. Its products also come with a quality guarantee that is unique to it, with a range of homogenous cannabis varieties in the European market being made fully available, boasting standardised options throughout its lines. Moreover, its experts always make themselves available in order to assuage any fears or doubts that a person who gets in contact with it may have; its team is especially dedicated to making this service available to the professionals who prescribe its drugs, able to talk them through the ins and outs of various flora in detail. This impeccable team, its import, wholesale, and release, licencing, and its continued commitment to helping patients to escape pain promise to keep it a relevant leader in its industry long into the future. Company: Cannamedical Contact: Deborah Dittert Website: “Selling to several pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, and more, working on the further education of its industry and the wider medical community by operating directly with doctors, pharmacists, and patients, it has endeared itself to peers and end users alike with its endlessly sensitive and practical approach.”