International Life Sciences Awards 2022

4 With a history dating back to 1966, the Shigadry Group of Japan is a leading technology research and innovations specialist developing products for the healthcare sector and for advancing clean environment management practices. Operating on a three-tier charter which ensures focused efforts for the improvement of the quality of life of the world’s population, the Group has developed a long-standing reputation as a specialist in medical and healthcare sectors. Research and development are the backbone of Shigadry’s business module. Our experts and scientists continuously develop new methodologies and processors which keeps us abreast of competition. We have long term associations with many leading Universities in Japan and all our products are tested at state of the art microbiology labs also based in Japan. Research domains- Infection control, Body weight distribution and pressure ulcer prevention and Climate change and carbon management. First in the world concepts- MRSA reduction certified hospital mattress(Patented), Nonalcoholic multipurpose antimicrobial(Patented) and Carbon negative product (US copyrights reserved) 2022’s Most Innovative Medical Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic - London Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments Jul22102 Shigadry With Earth Co.: Best Healthcare Development & Research Specialists - East Asia • Anti-bacterial effect • Deodorizing effect • • Self contouring • Low interface pressure • Stain resistant All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards aligned to the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) • Allergy free • Comba • 100% Water Resistant • Mold, dust, dust mites, bed b • Anti-permeability to b blood and urine Hygiene | Comfort | Safety TM Absolute Health Care Mattress PatentedMiracle Surface Technology Carbon Negative product FLAGSHIP PRODUCT Trusted and used by 1,600 hospitals all over Japan