International Life Sciences Awards 2023

16 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 It’s a proven fact that music has healing properties. Whether it’s used to lessen anxiety, or help reawaken memories that have been lost to a variety of illnesses, music is the one medium that seems to transcend what we think we know about our brains. It has an undeniably special effect on our psyche, and MediMusic is determined to explore this concept to its fullest potential. Jun23341 Best Digital Music Therapy Company 2023 - UK Through utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop audio fingerprints that have a proven positive impact on the brain, MediMusic is reinventing the way we think about managing our health. It’s able to recognise the way in which our brains react to different types of music, and then compiles all of this information in order to utilise this marvellous medium for the benefit of those suffering from clinical pain, dementia, and anxiety. The playlists that it concocts are auto created and wholly personalised based on the information derived from each individual patient. Through utilising predictive analyses to reduce the heart rate and stress hormones within patients, MediMusic is able to encourage positive endocrine secretions, improved breathing, and excelled cognitive growth. As a result, patients receive gentle healthcare in the form of the music that best impacts their wellbeing. However, unlike current clinical music therapy practises, MediMusic transcends the norm completely. It creates a scalable service that’s able to stream 25 minutes of personalised playlists via a convenient app, with each song carefully selected to positively influence both physiological and neurological functions of the human body. Not only does it recognise what works best for patients, but it’s able to adapt and adjust in the same way people do. Therefore, each playlist is readily equipped with the means to make a difference for the better. In MediMusic’s own words: “… unlike other music streaming providers, we are a B2B focused service whose ethos is to always be efficacy driven and evidence based…”, and it proceeds to place immense emphasis on the notion of efficacy. Efficacy plays a crucial role in spearheading the firm’s progression towards greatness – something that’s irrefutably clear to see through the way in which MediMusic operates. It’s focused on the results, and takes every necessary measure to guarantee that its services work for its respective recipients. Though most would believe that the positive neurological and physiological impact that music has on the human body is a myth, this is, in fact, not the case at all. MediMusic explains that “… a study of 4,261 academic title and abstracts by The Lancet concluded that “Music should be offered as a way to help patients reduce pain and anxiety during the post operative period…”. MediMusic is at the forefront of proving that music not only benefits a wide variety of patients, but is able to completely reshape the way we approach our healthcare practises. Music has a power that’s still, to this day, untapped. Its potential is limitless, and there are so many rewards that researching the effects of music can reap. Thankfully, MediMusic is a company that’s at the helm of pioneering these discoveries. It’s constantly investigating more ways to utilise music as a form of healing, and has its sights set on ambitious ventures in the near future. Though it specialises in patients with dementia, pre/post op pain, and anxiety, MediMusic is taking the next big step forward, and hopes to target its services towards addressing chronic back pain and other such conditions. There truly isn’t another B2B company quite like MediMusic. Its passion for introducing patients to a new way to overcome their ailments is unrelenting, and it’s what’s allowed it to excel at its current rate. However, MediMusic believes that it’s only scratched the surface of what music can do. It has a multitude of exciting plans for the future, and we can’t wait to see them play out. This commitment, partnered with an astounding regard for sustainability within the medical sphere, makes MediMusic a company worth keeping an eye on. We’re very proud to present MediMusic with the title of Best Digital Music Therapy Company 2023 – UK. Its work with music as a means to assist recovery across a wide range of patients is nothing short of exemplary, and we’re sure that, in the near future, its contributions towards the medical sector will be even more invaluable than they already are. Contact: Gary Jones Company: MediMusic Ltd Web Address: