International Life Sciences Awards 2023

18 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 Nuvilab believes in the power of data to change the world. It aims to solve global warming and nutrition problems by reducing food waste with AI and Big Data. As well as enhancing the efficiency and quality of the food industry through digital means, it is also achieving fantastic levels of customer satisfaction in the healthcare market. Most Innovative Food Recognition AI Company 2023 uvilab is leading digital transformation in the food industry by providing solutions that benefit both people and the planet. It recognises the impact AI is having on the global health market through personalised data used for preventative means, and precision health. For example, diet recording and the provision of personalised insights and solutions. Nuvilab’s AI technology is capable of analysing users dietary habits, and reporting on the nutritional intake direct to users’ mobile devices. This is a solution that is particularly beneficial to those with chronic diseases, growing children, and for senior citizens living in assisted care facilities. AI improves accuracy and objectivity when diet recording, helping to revolutionise the field of nutrition and precision health. Nuvilab’s primary focus is the non-commercial food service industry, such as healthcare, education, athletic training, business and industry, and the military. It offers a scanner that is capable of analysing left-over food, identifying wasted items by type and cost. Such information enables cafeteria managers, for instance, to optimise their food inventory, adjust the quantity of food produced, and utilise the data for more effective menu decisions. Nuvilab’s flexible product and software is just as applicable for use within the commercial sector, particularly within hospitality where there is a significant amount of food waste generated on a daily basis. Hospital canteens, nursing homes, schools, colleges, and universities are all similarly affected, and could benefit from the insights Nuvilab’s integrated AI food recognition technology and big data analysis brings. By analysing not only food waste, but consumption as well, Nuvilab can also take care of diners personal health. The importance of nutritional data and its impact on overall health and well-being is something that helps Nuvilab cater to the needs of a wide range of demographics. It can deliver tailor-made solutions for different people in different sectors, such as sports organisations, children, or the elderly. The company prioritises two key objectives, which are to find a product specific market fit and grow at pace, whilst also building strong organisational cultures. It has a goal to expand Nuvilab globally, and increase the implementation of its solutions near and far. Its initial flagship solution was the plate waste tracking tray scanner, however now it has a database featuring over 5 million entries it is looking to compete on a bigger scale. It hopes to foster more collaborations with businesses worldwide. To this end, it has recently announced the successful completion of its Proof of Concept with a national hospital in Singapore. Nuvilab sees the problem with sustainability in the food industry, which it thinks happens due to a lack of data optimisation. Challenges such as food prices, nutritional insecurity, and carbon emissions from transportation, growing, and packaging are a significant issue. Finding a data backed method to address such problems, and the decision making that goes alongside, is something its is seeking to change. It knows it is difficult for individuals and organisations alike to change habits that have become ingrained, and are manifest in the way they think, talk, and work. Such habits come to define the culture and group as a whole. However, with Nuvilab, and its data driven solutions, information is readily available to encourage change for the better. The rapid development of AI places a significant burdens on Nuvilab, as when customers visit and try its solutions, their expectations are sky high. It often receives questions about whether such solutions can be implemented in fields it’s never considered before. It takes such views onboard as valuable feedback, and strives to transform the ideas into commercially viable solutions. A prime example of this was the implementation of its solution in hospitals. Initially, this was designed to address issues solely relating to food waste reduction. However, by capitalizing on the feedback it was able to enhance its solution further to assist nurses with data tracking in a hospital setting. Now, it doesn’t see its product as a tool only designed to track nutrition and reduce food waste, but also as a valuable resource for collecting diverse medical data. Little wonder, then, that it has been awarded Most Innovative Food Recognition AI Company 2023, in the International Life Sciences Awards. Well done to Nuvilab, with its truly landscape changing innovations. Company: Nuvilab Web Address: Contact Name: Logan Kim N May23455