International Life Sciences Awards 2023

19 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 Situated in Newcastle, MSK Sports Injury Clinic is a hands-on, results focused sports injury clinic that’s mastered the art of delivering state of the art soft tissue therapy to a range of clients. No matter your requirements, MSK Sports Injury Clinic is devoted to eradicating your pain as quickly and easily as possible. We explore how it applies the latest healing technologies and techniques to provide relief for its growing clientele. Equipped with a team of highly trained professionals who have mastered the art of sports soft tissue therapy, MSK Sports Injury Clinic presents the people of Newcastle with a unique opportunity to have their sports injuries tended to in record time. For over ten years, MSK Sports Injury Clinic has been treating clients – from seniors to paediatric patients – through its renowned personalised soft tissue therapy. Though it also offers alternative medicine, exercise rehabilitation, shockwave therapy, and its unique combination therapy, MSK Sports Injury Clinic’s speciality lies with its hands on soft tissue therapy. Its practitioners are each experts within the field, which serves to guarantee an unwavering quality for each and every individual client. Partner this with a commitment to adapting its practises to the unique needs of each patient, and you’ve got a sports injury clinic that prides itself on its bespoke nature. As a rule, MSK Sports Injury Clinic is focused on one core goal, and tailors its practise around said value – to help people live both better, and completely pain free. To accomplish such a feat, MSK Sports Injury Clinic has dedicated itself to amassing the best talent available throughout Newcastle to forge its star-studded team of practitioners. With their efforts, it manages to provide specialist sports soft tissue treatments that posses an unrivalled level of quality. Our muscles are as important as the rest of our bodies, and they deserve to be treated as such. This philosophy is something that’s very clearly represented through the work that MSK Sports Industry Clinic carries out. Its client-focused approach towards its services promotes proactivity when it comes to interacting with patients, which, in turn, allows it to deliver stellar treatments that’re filled to the brim with care and thoughtfulness. As a leader in soft tissue therapy in Newcastle upon Tyne, MSK Sports Injury Clinic demonstrates an undeniable brilliance, all whilst integrating itself into the local community. It recognises the people that it serves, and seeks to form connections with as many individuals as it possibly can. Not only does this create a mutual trust between potential future clients and the clinic’s practitioners, but it allows for a versatile approach towards the needs of individuals as they change and adapt over time. MSK Sports Injury Clinic’s team is bursting with talent, and it’s clear to see through its achievements. Given its award-winning status, the clinic has gone above and beyond to cement itself as the go-to service for anyone suffering from a sports injury. It wants the best for every patient, and will do whatever it takes to relieve their pain as quickly and effortlessly as possible, and none of it would be possible without the astounding drive that supports the clinic as a whole. Rest assured, should you ever require any soft tissue therapy, MSK Sports Injury Clinic will tend to your needs with the utmost care and attention. It won’t just treat you – it’ll take the time to understand you. Its practitioners are experts at marrying professionalism with kindness – an approach that has directly contributed towards the prestigious awards that it has recently earned. And, if you’re wanting to take some of the care home with you, MSK Sports Injury Clinic is more than willing to provide you with the correct education to directly involve you in your journey towards improving your future physical health. MSK Sports Injury Clinic has been successfully treating patients for over ten years, and yet it’s clear that the initial passion that it held upon its inception is still holding strong to this day. It’ll never falter in its pursuit of pain relief for its patients, so, no matter the treatment needed, MSK Sports Injury Clinic will provide a soft tissue therapy services that’ll leave you raring to get back to your active lifestyle. Contact: Mark Poolan Company: MSK Sports Injury Clinic Web Address: Sports Injury Clinic of the Year 2023 - North East England & Patient Care Excellence Award 2023 May23526