International Life Sciences Awards 2023

24 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 Taiwanese company Zinexts Life Science Corp. is a leading biotechnology business that designs, develops, and manufactures an array of molecular biology laboratory solutions. Having over a decade’s experience in the manufacture of in vitro diagnostics, its products are used in clinical diagnosis, life sciences, and research capacities. Zinexts is one of the comparatively few biotechnology companies that provides a one-stop-shop inclusive of design, development, manufacture (and mass production), global sales, and technical support. It uses its skills to create user-friendly and affordable molecular biology solutions for clinical diagnosis, life sciences, and research. Its focus is on discovering new diagnostics solutions, and establishing data-based insights to improve patient management, and secure good health for people. Its products include instruments, reagents, and consumables, suitable for use in a wide range of molecular applications such as oncology, infectious diseases, reproductive health, and microbiomes. It also manufactures high quality diagnostic reagent kits and consumables designed to purify nucleic acids. Zinexts specialises in molecular and clinical diagnostics, laboratory research and life sciences, offering services in professional ODM (Original Design Manufacture) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture). But robotic instrument manufacture isn’t all it offers, as it also creates automated molecular diagnostics systems originating from its clients own ideas and needs. Zinext invests heavily in research and development, which is why it can adopt to both the market forces, and the requests of its customers with speed and efficiency. It is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation within its industry, and creating uniquely appropriate solutions. Zinexts has a team of highly skilled researchers, knowledgeable within fields as diverse as molecular biology, medical laboratories, chemistry, machinery, hardware, firmware, software, and automation control systems. It is constantly exploring new approaches to development, and has a strong track record for both manufacturing and delivering products to laboratories and medical professionals worldwide. Its state-of-the-art, robust manufacturing facilities allow it to produce high-quality products at scale. “We focus on developing solutions that lead to novel treatments for cancer, auto-immune diseases, and other chronic conditions. We utilize advanced technologies and extensive scientific expertise to create solutions that can improve patient outcomes.” Zinexts is passionate about supporting healthcare through provision of high-quality equipment that assists clinical and research laboratories. The tools it supplies are integrated into health systems around the world with the aim always being to achieve the best possible outcomes for the end users. To do this it champions three core values, which are ingenuity, integrity, and impact. Its ingenuity comes from the way it thinks and acts individually and collectively to seek out new opportunities and solutions. It uses creativity to find unexpected and practical ways to solve problems. Its integrity is the defining principle of its people and the work it does, backed up by the choice to imbue every action with honesty, fairness, and respect for others. The impact it demonstrates comes from the immeasurable power of its shared values and collective efforts to deliver groundbreaking change for customer, colleagues, and communities. Currently Zinexts has global distribution in over 80 countries, and has partners in more than 40. It has helped to launch tests in a wide range of molecular applications, with more than 2,100 systems in place worldwide. As a company deeply committed to supporting a healthier world, Zinexts is devoted to operating in an ethical and responsible manner. It aims to create impactful results through its products to improve and secure a healthier world. It also makes charitable contributions, and takes part in/supports charity events. Zinexts has developed several innovative products acting as a genomic diagnostic provider to guide treatment options. Its unique products and functions support the complexity of oncology, and various other diseases, to offer significant differences in early diagnosis, precision treatment, finding cures faster, and preventive healthcare measures. Zinext Life Science Corporation has recently been announced as the Most Innovative Molecular Biology Laboratory Solutions Developer 2023 – Asia, in the International Life Sciences Awards. This prestigious title is a strong indication of how well respected this innovative company really is, as it continues to thrive and excel in its field. Well done to Zinexts. Company: Zinexts Life Science Corporation Web Address: Contact Name: Tina Lai Most Innovative Molecular Biology Laboratory Solutions Developer 2023 - Asia May23595 Zinexts Life Science Corp.