International Life Sciences Awards 2023

25 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 Hunton Executive was founded in 2020 by Vanessa Meikle, and is based in Sydney, Australia. It’s a leadership consultancy that seeks to elevate businesses and careers within the global life science, healthcare, and executive workforce. It wants to help leaders and organisations to reach further and achieve more. Best Organizational & Leadership Recruitment Firm 2023 unton Executive takes a holistic view of leadership within the life sciences sector, focusing on developing both emerging and seasoned leadership talents to ensure that companies achieve the right executive mix. This was an aim from the very beginning, with CEO Vanessa Meikle explaining to us how she had a clear vision in mind when she created the company. Her intention was always to be able to help organisations in life sciences and healthcare grow through better leadership. Hunton Executive offers a full range of services including recruitment, coaching, leadership development, and organisational consulting. The company exists to make a significant difference in people’s lives, with its vision being to elevate the quality of leaders within the healthcare and life sciences industries. It wants to help accelerate executive careers, and organisational performance. However, in order to achieve these goals, it realised it wanted to do things a little differently. Unlike other executive consultants, Hunton Executive doesn’t just think low scale, job-to-job. Instead, it takes an overview, something it describes as being big picture thinkers – just like the clients it enjoys working with. It thinks strategically, and plans ahead, concentrating on the talent pool of both today and the future. Hunton Executive carefully examines the way the industry is progressing, analysing the political, economic, and social impacts that influence how it works and responds. It does this by leveraging its networking capabilities, meeting the right people, and asking the right questions at conferences and events. Hunton stays up to date with white papers and industry publications, but not as outsiders looking in. It is proud to be an integral part of the industry ecosystem. The way the company works is simple but effective. It believes that when it comes to leadership and executive search it all comes down to one important factor, which is the people. Therefore, in order to help people realise their full potential, Hunton Executive has created a pool of the top 10% top-end talent within the life sciences and healthcare sectors. These sought after individuals are reachable via its executive search and membership portal. It also goes one step further by nurturing talented leaders to improve and drive success. Through the Hunton Executive membership section exclusive candidates can be found who have completed this programme, and been assessed as elite. “Those leaders who are prepared and able to pivot will grow and seize opportunities during their careers. They do this by constantly learning, having enough self-awareness and humility to ask for help, overcoming their weaknesses, and addressing their skill gaps. Hunton Executive can help accelerate executive careers by giving the guidance and knowledge needed to become an extraordinary leader.” Those that need more help to uncover their potential are also catered for at Hunton Executive through its online courses and coaching offerings. This is a win-win for both clients and candidates, as no other leadership and executive search consultants can provide a service to match it. Hunton Executive has assembled a team of finely honed experts, with specialist skills across a broad range of areas. This means it is uniquely qualified when it comes to executive search capabilities, and can take a view of organisations as a whole, ensuring that every new leader hired fits perfectly into the company matrix. Hunton Executive is global, but with a local edge. As it is based in Sydney, Australia, it very much has the best of both worlds. It has the opportunity to work with clients across the globe, but also the expertise and knowledge to help companies scale lucrative specialist markets such as Australia, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Hunton Executive feels extremely lucky to work in an age where the geographical limits are negligible. As the team at Hunton have worked within many different international markets, the company can offer a thorough understanding of different leadership cultures, and bring that to clients wherever they might be located. As winners of Best Organizational & Leadership Recruitment Firm 2023, in the International Life Sciences Awards, Hunton Executive is a proven recruitment option that’s on the pulse of this vibrant industry. Well done to it and its incredible team. Company: Hunton Executive Web Address: Contact Name: Vanessa Meikle H May23329