International Life Sciences Awards 2023

29 GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2023 Based in Germany, Kochstrasse Agentur für Marken GmbH is a neuromarketing agency known for its award-winning ideas and neurostrategy. The company works to shape consumer behaviour through brand and marketing communications, helping its clients achieve their desired outcomes. Neuromarketing Specialists of the Year 2023 - Western Europe he subconscious mind determines the decisions people make and the way they behave. When they look at websites, brands, and packaging, their buying decisions are also subconsciously influenced. Neuromarketing is the study of how people’s brains respond to advertising and other marketing stimuli by monitoring brainwave activity, eye tracking, and skin responses. It is often used to create branding strategies and project consumer behaviour and decisionmaking processes. Specialising in creative solutions informed by neuromarketing concepts and tools, Kochstrasse advises and collaborates with clients to produce great brands. The agency applies methods such as fMRI and IAT to translate neuroinsights into design and brand strategy. With the help of partners from universities, AI tools, and its excellent methodological knowledge, Kochstrasse measures, forms hypotheses, and develops strategies to make its products and campaigns better and sharper. Based in Hanover, Germany, Kochstrasse works with clients both nationally and internationally. Impressively, it has driven the success of global organisations across multiple countries. The agency serves a range of clients, including consumer and industrial goods marketers, retailers, not-for-profit organisations, technology firms, government agencies, and more. Despite their differences, Kochstrasse’s clients are all united by a willingness to embrace novel and innovative approaches in order to achieve the results they need. Whether they want to grow in the market by influencing purchasing behaviour, increase medication adherence, or combat addiction, the agency can help them induce the desired behavioural outcome in their target audience. Kochstrasse prides itself on its ability to take clients’ challenges and make them its own, collaborating with them to navigate the issues and find solutions. In understanding the broader context of their various problems, the agency can often identify areas for its own improvement, whether it be an opportunity to enhance its services or alter them altogether. To further drive the constant improvement of its offerings, Kochstrasse seeks staff members with solid skills and experience, flexibility, open-mindedness, and the willingness to be brave, bold, and try new things. It encourages its workforce to disrupt convention and seek new and improved solutions. Operating in a highly competitive industry, this determination to avoid stagnation is incredibly important. Keeping up with trends in many industries motivates the company to drive its own innovation and its adoption of emerging technologies. The long-term future of Kochstrasse will largely be shaped by how well it deals with the impending impact of AI and associated novel technologies. The agency has a major development project in place to deal with this challenge. Founder of Kochstrasse, Gesa Lischka, explains, “AI will have a massive impact on our work and, just as with any other challenge, we are working to identify the (often hidden) opportunities.” However, this is not the only challenge it faces. In a world plagued by climate change, inflation, wars, and food insecurity, consumers are reevaluating their purchases and becoming more cautious with their funds. A new Fear Economy is emerging. Kochstrasse is working to identify any disruptive strategies it can use to get through these uncertain times. Kochstrasse believes in collaborating with other organisations in its industry to address the prominent challenges they all face. “Independence is fine, competition is fine, but in the end we will all suffer the consequences if we don’t reach out across competitive, industry, and geographic boundaries and work together in concert to address the major challenges that have the power to destroy our quality of life and work,” Gesa comments. As a result of the groundbreaking neuromarketing strategies it delivers, Kochstrasse Agentur für Marken GmbH has been awarded Neuromarketing Specialists of the Year, Western Europe, in the International Life Sciences Awards 2023. We congratulate Gesa Lischka and her team on this achievement and look forward to seeing how it continues to innovate and lead the way in neuromarketing in the coming years. Contact: Gesa Lischka Company: Kochstrasse – Agentur für Marken GmbH Web Address: T May23159