International Life Sciences Awards 2023

4 to your child’s bowl of mac and cheese, anything can be the catalyst for your daily protein supplement. The product dissolves in both hot and cold liquids; gone are the days of thick, hard to swallow proteins. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone with difficulty eating, such as people recovering from surgery. As a customer-focused company, Genepro constantly seeks feedback from its users. CEO and Co-Founder Brian Parks meets with a dozen customers through Zoom on the first Wednesday of every month to find out what they think about the products. He asks what they love and don’t love, what other types of products they would like to see from the company, and if they have any suggestions on how it can improve. Through this, Genepro is always making changes to enhance its products and offerings. It sees its customers as extended family and works to take their opinions into account. For example, it has brought back the powder bags, which seemed to be a favourite amongst Genepro users. The company is excited to have returned to its roots of affordable and obtainable packaging. With such a commitment to excellence and innovation, it’s no surprise that Genepro has received a plethora of positive reviews since its establishment. These can be viewed on its website, where it has garnered an outstanding 4.3-star rating over the years. Over 1,000 people have left feedback for the company, with many people praising the benefits, dissolvability, and tastelessness of its products. For example, one review states, “I started using Genepro several years ago, on the recommendation of my daughter, whose doctor recommended it to her! Using Genepro is an easy way to get more protein in my diet. I add it to all sorts of things, and it is completely tasteless and blends easily. I love it!!” Genepro is proud to be a female, veteran, and Christian owned company. Its workforce is a tight-knit family and frequently enjoy company get-togethers, so it looks to hire people who align with its values. They must be passionate, driven, and motivated individuals who love to help others. Genepro takes care of its employees and advocates for the importance of a work-life balance. With a manufacturing, packaging, and warehouse facility in Chillicothe, Ohio, Genepro takes advantage of this central location to ship its products anywhere in the US within two business days. The company also has an inhouse import and export specialist who has helped it grow internationally. Currently, Genepro has customers in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the UK. In the future, it aims to grow further by seeking partnerships in new countries. In 2023, Genepro continues its mission to innovate and improve. The company leverages new science and technology to improve its existing techniques and practices. It also continues to monitor the Established in 2014, Genepro Protein, Inc. is a customer-focused and sciencedriven company offering premium protein products that are unflavoured and free of any sugars, fillers, and unusable calories. The company leverages the latest scientific advancements to create the best protein solutions on the market for bariatric patients, athletes, seniors, and families. Coming from all walks of life, Genepro’s customers benefit from the highest quality of protein available. Genepro aims to be the protein solution of choice for people with a variety of health conditions, dietary restrictions, and wellness goals. The company is not afraid to change, adapt, and innovate in order to continuously offer users the best possible ingredients and science. For example, Genepro now offers a third-generation product, which has the same formula as the original second-generation (without Immunolin) but is plasma treated to provide a new powder that is flavourless, not gritty, and very easy to mix. Suitable for anyone over the age of two, Genepro is the perfect protein solution for anyone and everyone. Its customers range from Olympic competitors and professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and the UFC to the average person who wants to meet their daily protein needs. Formulated to be easily digestible, Genepro contains no filler ingredients, no lactose, and no gluten. For this reason, it is a great option for those with sensitivities and dietary requirements. Genepro is the only protein solution to have obtained FODMAP certification, meaning that people with any type of gastric distress issues can use the powder without uncomfortable symptoms like bloat and stomach pain. With over 50 clinical trials and published research papers under its belt, Genepro is the most scientifically backed protein solution in the world. The product is 99.9% bioavailable in the body, with its nearest competitor only offering 30% bioavailability. The company micronizes the protein to less than a third of its original size, allowing it to fit 30 grams of protein into a scoop that only weighs 11 grams. This small but effective serving can be mixed into anything and everything you already enjoy consuming. From your morning coffee Best Low Calorie Protein Supplement 2023: GENEPRO