Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 2019

12 GHP / 2019 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Awards , Thomas A. Little Consulting Thomas A. Little Consulting: Best Biotech & Pharma Product Development Consultancy 2019 Thomas A. Little Consulting (TLC) is an internationally recognized statistical, analytical methods and operational excellence consulting and training company. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners of this year’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Awards we profile the company to find out more. Established in 1999, TLC has since flourished in a global business providing award-winning services. Today the firm is respon- sible for all aspects of consulting, curriculum development and implementation of Quality by Design, Lean Six Sigma, Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, Business and Engineering Statistics, Product Stability, Measurement Systems Analysis, Mixture DOE, Data Analysis and general analytics and performance modelling. These varied services are pro- vided to a wide range of clients including those based across the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Food, Semiconductor, Consumer Products and FDA regulated industries. All of the firm’s clients design and manufacture their own products. TLC’s training and consulting activities are worldwide so that the firm can support clients around the world and provide its award-winning services and solutions to as many businesses as possible. Founder Dr. Little is a business partner with SAS Institute, teaching SAS courses in Design of Experiments, Statistical Quality Control, Nonlinear Modeling, Stability Analysis, JMP Scripting language, ESDA, BSDA, ANOVA, MSA, Regression, Distribution Modeling and Exploratory data analysis. As a result, TLC has been a strategic partner of SAS since 1999 and as such able to provide its clients with a wealth of experience that they cannot find elsewhere. This experience stems from TLC’s dedicated consultants, who are experts in JMP, Minitab and process flow and control analytical software products. Thanks to its dynamic and innovative team TLC has trained over 85,000 engineers and scientists on the use of statistical and analytical methods for product/product characterization, improvement and control with operations in the US, Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe. As a result of all these projects, the firm has extensive experience in biologics, small molecule and vaccine development and validation. TLC also has an extensive QbD SAS/JMP based modern drug development curriculum for the product and process development, quality risk management, data analysis, characterization, optimization, life cycle management and control. Moving forward, TLC will continue to focus on enhancing its already vast industry experience and supporting even more clients as it looks towards a bright and exciting future. Contact Details: Company: Thomas A. Little Consulting | Contact: Thomas Little Website: “Recognized statistical, analytical methods and operational excellence consulting and training company.”