Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 2019

14 GHP / 2019 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Awards , iDi Pac Limited Best Packaging & Supply Chain Solutions Company - UK: iDi Pac Limited iDi Pac is an innovative consultancy dedicated to providing expertise and specialist support across all packaging and supply chain activities. We profile the firm to learnmore and explore the variety of innovative services it has to offer. Since its inception in 2008, iDi Pac has provided its clients with specialist sup- port and expertise at the packaging and supply chain interface. As their acronym “iDi” suggests, (ideas, development, imple- mentation) stands at the heart of the firm’s business approach. Thanks to the expertise that the firm has available it has been able to provide the ‘wider perspective’; addressing current and future challenges with the strategic and practical skills to deliver pragmatically engineered solutions. Some recent project deliverables for the firm have been cost reductions using its novel ‘PDP’ methodology, packaging ideation and design, increased flexibility within man- ufacture, sustainable strategy development and digitisation of artwork and cutting-edge print processes. This range of capabilities and experience ensure that clients receive exceptional support that will help drive their businesses to success. iDi Pac is proud of its ethos, which revolves around looking to deliver novelty and innovation in a pragmatic way. The team are fully on-board with this approach and this allows them to express themselves, to be creative, to go above and beyond the brief and to use their varied technical skills in the best way possible. As a family owned business, over time iDi Pac has been able to build its team, helping them to grow their abilities as individuals so that they can offer the firm’s valued clients cutting-edge support and the highest possible quality of service. Looking ahead, the pharmaceu- tical industry is now currently experiencing huge change, with FMD coupled with CR/SF pack- aging occupying much resource. What is becoming apparent is the desire to deliver greater levels of therapy adherence, and smaller batch sizes and the inevitable approach towards n=1 treatment. Additionally, the IoT revolution creates huge opportunity. Seeking to capitalise on these developments and enhance its current success, iDi Pac are working in this area, delivering digitised platforms for improved adherence, information sharing and patient support. The move to ever smaller batches also means that the firm is now engaged in delivering competitive and agile capability to manufacturing, offering greater opportunities to grow, flourish and leverage its innovative approach in a constantly-evolving market to its advantage. This approach will ensure iDi Pac’s ongoing success for the many years to come as it continues to deliver excellence for itself and its valued clients, to thrive in a changing and increas- ingly competitive environment. “iDi Pac is focused on solution delivery through technical expertise and skills that give their clients a distinct advantage.” Contact Details: Company: iDi Pac Limited | Name: Christopher Waterhouse Address: 5 Ridgeway Office Park, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hants GU32 3QF | Telephone Number: 01420 538055 Web Address: | Email [email protected]