Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 5 g Designboard, Belgium Photo, Global Creative Leaders; Dean Brodie and Catherine Toussaint, here with Marianne Madsen what they had seen on television, across bill-boards and in-store, with the actual pack- aging itself. Thus, we soon realised we had an important role to play in developing visual glue for packaging, that could be magnified and brought to life across other touch-points and vice versa”. “It was a time of growth and success for our clients as they ventured into new products, touch-points and regions. We were definitely eager to grow alongside them in a compli- mentary and business savvy way, and best of all, we were encouraged and supported by our clients to follow suit. By the new Millennium, Designboard had not only established their own in-house photo-studio and post production wing, the agency had also expanded into Eastern Europe and Africa. Understanding the great importance of local insights and know-how, Designboard stretched its positive vibes into Sofia, Bulgaria in 2008 and Cairo, Egypt in 2010, opening up additional agencies. They also began to take their first steps into the world of digital marketing and content creation, developing online strategies for its clients’ branding campaigns. Today, thanks to this vast industry experience, Designboard has become a fully-fledged Omni-channel Branding and Communication agency, dedicated to creating real value for everyday consumers. “I would like to talk about our extraordinary creatives who are definitely one of our unique selling points”, continues Marianne. “We are blessed with quite a multi-national team with expertise from within a broad spectrum of professions. Design, Communication, Marketing, Economics and Sociology all create different lenses and enrich our work”. It’s the team’s combined strengths, which enable us to bring big ideas to life holistically across marketing touch points with dedicated specialists at every step of the process. “Approximately half of our team-members have been with us for the past 30 years+”, says Marianne. “Their level of superior craftsmanship, creativity and talent goes way beyond what you can do on a computer today and it’s their experience with our clients, their brand heritage and brand guardianship, that makes them absolutely exceptional”. Together with the other half of Designboard’s whizz team, they bring the wow factor to everything they do! The dynamic agency embraces all creative challenges, big or small but admits its longest loyal working hours are invested into clients with whom they can form significant and far-reaching relationships. “Procter & Gamble have taught us it’s key to invest in strong and on-going partnerships with our internal and external partners”, explains Marianne. “This not only allows us to foster strong relationships and gain an informed overview of our clients’ businesses, it enables us to challenge their objectives and build on their goals which strengthens our involvement, thereby empowering us to work as one team, with one vision and devel- op one heck of a successful campaign!” “For a few years now, we have been creating several of the global campaign initiatives for Nutricia Worldwide (Danone). Last year we launched our ‘Each Baby is Different’ (Aptamil / Nutrilon) campaign in LATAM, designing an impactful and strong online and off-line presence that could easily be adapted to communicate with both mums and Health Care Professionals alike. This year we will roll-out the ‘I am happy’ campaign (Bebelac) across the Balkans and CIS, bringing the campaign to life across social media platforms within a consumer driven digital campaign. “It’s great to work with a marketing and digital team that is open-minded and ambitious, it makes the journey exciting and challenging, encouraging us to experiment with new ways of doing things”. This remains Designboard’s core focus to this very day. Brand advertising has tradition- ally concerned itself with touching the hearts of audiences or tickling their funny bones, but digital platforms and social networks have changed the relationship between brands and consumers. “Today’s consumers have more choice than ever before and engaging these new, active and connected consumers is a constantly evolving challenge”. Drawing on its vast industry experience, Designboard has the insights and ’know-how’ to help brands embrace this challenge and turn it into an opportunity to bond with their audience in fresh and forward-thinking ways. “For us, the power of engagement is not dependent on ever-changing technology”, Marianne explains. “It comes from a human-centric approach to establishing genuine and meaningful connections, which is why many of our big ideas start with a simple consumer insight.” Overall, having achieved incredible success since inception, Designboard is keen not to rest on its laurels, and remains dedicated to driving even greater achievements over the years to come. The agency takes great pride in being focused, innovative and pro-active in everything that it does, and this will remain the agency’s ongoing success as it looks towards a bright and remarkable future filled with invigorating opportunities. Contact Details: Company: Designboard, Belgium Contact: Marianne Madsen (Global Client & Strategy Leader) Website: “The agency takes great pride in being focused, innovative and pro- active in everything that it does.”