Manufacturing and Packaging Awards 2019

6 GHP / 2019 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Awards , Neueco Packsolutions Private Limited Neueco Packsolutions Private Limited: Best Paper Based Packaging Solutions Provider 2019 - Chennai Neueco Packsolutions Private Limited is a paper-based packaging andmaterial handling solutions provider poised tomeet the domestic and global market. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind the success it enjoys today. Since it first began, Neueco’s business model has been committed to providing innovative packaging solutions for customers large or small. Today, the firm places emphasis on achieving and maintaining the highest levels of product quality, service, productivity and development of innovative cost saving solutions for organi- sations supplying products domestically or to the global market. The firm’s plant at Silvassa near Mumbai has fully loaded automatic corrugated sheet making plant and box making machines, quality control lab and design room with CAD table, spread over an area of 100,000 Sq. Ft (Approximate). Additionally, the firm has a plant at Chennai with an area of 40,000 Sq Ft (Approximate) which is loaded with complete set of box-making conversion equipment and design and development centre with CAD aided cutting table. Continually seeking to offer innovative, cutting-edge solutions, Neueco is a process driven manufacturing company with both a research and development wing and a quality assurance department which tests all incoming materials and outgoing materials. Online check-ing is conducted with production data sheet and drawings issued to all the machine operators and ensure the final product is 100% as per the specifications. Recently, Neueco has undergone a number of developments to ensure that it is ahead of the emerging industry developments, which include replacing wooden pallets into in house designed and manufactured paper pallets to overcome incineration charges on burning wood and work on 100% bio-degradable, environment friendly and eco-friendly disposable packing solutions. Alongside this, Neueco has also replaced stretch film / shrink wrapping over the boxes to its many clients and substituted with our online water-repellent coated boards with the help of chemicals from leading FDA approved brand. It has also introduced agro-waste based briquets over coal or wood fired boiler for steam generation for manufacturing process to preserve the nature. Looking ahead, Neueco will continue to build upon its current success by increasing its geographical presence with more plants with even wider array of locations in India so that it can cater its clients over the years to come. The company spear headed by R. Balasu- bramanian, Executive Director & President have global experience in the packing of automotive packing and new process control and health and heavy industrial packing and other technical executives and commercial executives put in their efforts to take the company to next level. The company consist of investors motivate the Management and employees of the company and catapulted the vision towards reaching top of the world. “Recently, Neueco has undergone a number of developments to ensure it is ahead of emerging industry developments, working on 100% bio-degradable, environment friendly and eco-friendly disposable packing solutions.” R. Balasubramanian - CEO Neueco Packsolutions Private Limited