Medical Marijuana Awards 2019

10 GHP / 2019 Medical Marijuana Awards , Best Cannabis Product Review Platform 2020 Misinformation about cannabis is rife, with the potential benefits to people’s health and well-being stymied by a lack of truthful knowledge. Dedicated to educating cannabis users about the best andmost risk-reducing ways to experience the benefits, Winston Peki’s site Herbonaut is a trend-setter in the field. Given the enormous success of the project, we caught up withWinston to find out more. The relatively underground nature of the industry is what has allowed Herbonaut to rise to prominence. Frustrated by how a lack of freely available information allowed advertisers and sellers to market products insincerely, Chief Editor Winston Peki led the fight against disinformation, providing reviews on products, on studies and on methods of maximizing the benefits of medical marijuana, and the associated industry. Specializing in dry herb vaporizer reviews, CBD oil reviews and growing equipment reviews, Herbonaut has cornered the market in providing a perspective that is independent and scientifically based. For this reason, the site is also home to a review of scientific studies about these topics and guidelines based on this information. These guidelines advise on the best way to use dry herb vaporizers or CBD oils to their full potential, as well as minimizing the potential health risks. Part of the problem facing the cannabis industry, and a direct consequence of its relative youth, is the lack of standardized regulation. There are currently no quality control practices or industry-wide certificates to prove a product has undergone a stringent quality control program. As such, it is possible to market a CBD oil with only trace elements of other cannabinoids as ‘full- spectrum’ or a dry herb vaporizer as ‘convection-style heating’ when mainly a conduction vaporizer’. Bucking this trend, therefore, is Herbonaut’s scientific approach, championed by Winston Peki and his strong scientific background. This is quite challenging as there is very little in the way of studies on cannabis products. Not only does the site remain in close contact with some of the most well-known and respected cannabis product companies, but the team does a thorough monthly check to see what, if any, new studies have been published that would have an implication on the way products are reviewed. An example of this approach, where the views fit the fact as opposed to vice versa, comes from the change that a relatively unknown study from 2018 brought. It showed that CBD oil users using full-spectrum CBD oils reported using four times less of a dose than users of purified CBD oils to achieve the same effects. In order to provide a better service to site visitors, many of whom rely on Herbonaut to give a reliable experience, the team are looking to buy the necessary equipment to carry out their own scientific tests. This would allow them to go more in-depth on the products they review. It would be incredibly useful to know, for example, if a difference in emitted micro-particles between the various types of dry herb vaporizers exists, with heavy metal micro-particles having potentially negative effects on health in the long term. Similarly, if a vaporizer produces vapor with a higher cannabinoid-to-air ratio than others, it would be easier to qualify a particular vaporizer as more potent. Jan20348 Putting money into cannabis research and review might seem like an academic proposition, as the pharmaceutical industry seems set on developing more cannabis-based medicines, but the Herbonaut team are certain that these solutions will never replace cannabis entirely. Synthetic or isolated compounds simply aren’t as effective as the whole-plant product in their eyes. That said, the potential for a cannabis product that is combined with other compounds such as herbs is a definite possibility. Acting as an independent reviewer in the wild west that is Medical Marijuana might seem a forlorn aim, but the team at Herbonaut have made steps to create a source that takes its lead from fact. The result is a thriving website that serves as an important source of information to consumers. As the industry continues to expand, with more need for clear and easy-to- understand information at every level, Herbonaut will be there to lead the way. Company: Herbonaut Contact: Winston Peki Website: Herbonaut