Medical Marijuana Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Medical Marijuana Awards 11 , Best Annual Cannabis Science Event 2020 Focused purely on the rapidly growing science of cannabis, the Cannabis Science Conference does exactly what it says on the tin. Drawing experts fromall aspects of the field, the events this company holds are the ultimate in sharing the latest in scientific andmedical cannabis developments. In the light of the company’s success in GHP’s Medical Marijuana Awards, we take a closer look at this industry leader. Led by Joshua Crossney, President, CEO and Founder of CSC Events, the Cannabis Science Conference has gone from strength to strength. With the primary goal of bridging the gaps between cannabis, science and medicine, the various events that Crossney and his team host provide a platform for the world’s leading researchers and opinion leaders to come together and share information, research and real-world experience. Even though cannabis is still listed as a schedule one substance in the Controlled Substances Act, the business has still found a great deal of opportunity to run exciting events. The Cannabis Science Conference West is hosted in Portland, OR every Summer/Fall, with the Cannabis Science Conference East in Baltimore, MD every Spring. The conferences focus on analytical science, topics in medical cannabis and the science behind the cultivation of cannabis and hemp. A robust exhibition hall rounds off the central appeal of the conference, with 200 exhibiting companies that cover every aspect of the industry including technology providers, laboratories, recruiters, medical brands, cultivators, advocacy groups and media companies. This success has spawned the Canna Boot Camp, a full-day, hands-on workshop that covers every aspect of cannabis science from cultivation, pre-processing, sample preparation, analytical testing and extraction. Vendors are able to demonstrate techniques, instruments and technologies that they have developed, allowing visitors a fuller understanding of how this innovative industry is changing. The appeal of the Cannabis Science Conferences is that they draw together the largest group of experts in the field, inventing the opportunity to improve the quality of medicine being consumed by patients and consumers. This happens through conversations that expand on individual research, allowing for more insights into how cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds interact with the endocannabinoid systems. The open conversations take place in a separate place to a world that still retains its stigma, brought about by misinformation and propaganda. This reflects the frustration of many participants that use of the plant is limited, meaning that legal access to quality cannabis in academic use in university research laboratories is restricted to just one source (University of Mississippi) and is not representative of what patients and consumers are actually using in legal cannabis markets today. With such successful events, the constant turnover has meant that no sooner is one event over than another one is ready to begin. Currently, the team is gearing up for the 2020 series of events, with the Baltimore conference held in April and the Oregon one at the end of August. A key aspect of these events is that it remains the leading forum for discussing cutting-edge topics and develop- ments across the industry. As such, the team works through hundreds of scientific abstracts from leading researchers from around the world, and hosts panel Jan20071 discussions to advance this way of thinking. The need to change thinking applies everywhere, with the medical industry playing an important role in confirming its legitimacy. With increasing interest in the conference, it cannot be long before federal legalization and regulation finally occurs, with more involvement across the fields of academia and mainstream science and medicine. It stands to reason that the Cannabis Science Conference will still have a strong part to play, encouraging these organizations to work collaboratively with the pioneers and cultivators that have developed the plant and industry to what it is today. As the world explores ways of integrating cannabis into how we operate, it is organizations like CSC Events, and events like the Cannabis Science Conference that show how much the industry has grown in a relatively short amount of time. This growth can only lead to more success for this business in the years to come. Company: Cannabis Science Conference Contact: Josh Crossney Website: www. Cannabis Science Conference CSC Events team pictured with Fran Drescher (past keynote speaker)