Medical Marijuana Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Medical Marijuana Awards 13 , Best USA Hemp Cultivation Product 2020: Smart Pot The best andmost efficient way to growhemp is one of the most rapidly developing sciences currently, with the concepts having the strength of being applied to other plant types as well. Smart Pots didn’t beginworking in the medical marijuana field, but has taken advantage of its many possibilities to innovate newmethods. Following success in GHP’s Medical Marijuana Awards 2019, we take a closer look to find out more. While High Caliper Growing has existed since 1984, it didn’t trademark the name of Smart Pots until the year 2000. Having spent fifteen years developing and making fabric containers for tree growers and nurseries, it was only later on that the team behind this innovative product could be used for any and every plant. The focus at Smart Pots is on plant production and yield, with the strong belief that the container used will affect both the plant’s growth and the plant’s yield. The link to Medical Marijuana comes from the team’s conviction that these growers will be at the forefront of the science of increasing yield, with the ability to apply these insights to horticulture as a whole. This holistic approach to growth is one which has rewarded the Smart Pots brand, with its earlier successes being in container cultivation. While the team started working with those growing potatoes and blueberries, a chance meeting with people from California’s famous “Emerald Triangle” opened a new avenue to explore. The team has begun to work with a wide range of cannabis growers in order to make specialized grow trays, tables or areas. One of the challenges that faces Smart Pots is not in the legitimacy of medical marijuana as with a number of industries. In fact, the need to create a “clean” product, as a result of customers ingesting what is grown has been a huge challenge to overcome. It has meant that the product has needed to be free of heavy metals such as lead, bisphenol and other contaminants. Most competitors use untested fabrics that which means there is very little knowledge about what metals are absorbed by the tree through the soil. Smart Pots put a great deal of effort into make sure that its products have no such side-effects. Another difficulty is oversupply. With Smart Pots being the originators of the brand and concept, it’s a challenge to make enough to ensure a consistent and growing supply, while not depressing the market to make any production uneconomical. Where Smart Pots really excels is in its ability to work alongside growers to make sure that all the products that they develop match their specific needs and purposes. When serving customers and clients that grow everything from cannabis to oak trees to strawberries, it is possible for the team to learn what clients in one area need and how it can apply to other disciplines. The biggest benefit that the team is able to bring to the field of medical marijuana is its knowledge of the best methods of growth. The intimate knowledge of horticulture also brings a fresh perspective to the legalization of cannabis. While many people Jan20214 in the market expect a national change, with universal and well- defined standards, Smart Pots operates with the view that the cannabis market should remain as local as possible. Local products are usually the best, and success in this field will see local growers producing better products for a local audience. From the experiences that Smart Pots has had, local organizations are often more insightful with a greater ability to help individuals and less tendency to cause harm than national organizations. For Smart Pots, the focus has not been on cannabis, but on cultivation. This broad approach is one that has rewarded both the business and the consumer, ensuring that any developments are offered with the advantage of a broad base of knowledge. It is taking this national issue and applying a specialized approach that has made the business such an incredible success. Company: Smart Pot - High Caliper Contact: Kurt Reiger Website: Smart Pot - High Caliper