Medical Marijuana Awards 2019

4 GHP / 2019 Medical Marijuana Awards , Best Full-Service Cannabis Business Consultancy - Midwest USA The growth in theMedical Marijuanamarket has created a newneed for businesses to work out ways of working that can satisfy rapidly changing circumstances. Illinois Equity Staffing is perfectly equipped, indeed designed, tomeet the rise of cannabis businesses. In the light of the team’s success in GHP’s Medical Marijuana Awards, we profile the firm to find out more. The need for responsible vendors that can provide training to the public is essential in any industry, especially those up-and- coming industries like cannabis- related businesses. Illinois Equity Staffing is the premium provider across the state, serving as a human resources strategic partner that is able to provide HR administration, payroll and social equity compliance. Typically serving those businesses looking to operate in the state of Illinois or businesses that currently operate there, IES has seized on this exciting new market with both hands. It is thoroughly committed to seeing businesses across Illinois make the most of the opportunities presented by Bill 1438, with their expert assistance. While IES currently specializes in training for the public, organizations and cannabis businesses, the firm is ideally placed to provide job placement and matchmaking for cannabis businesses looking to participate in social equity. This aspect of the business is akin to having an entirely new wing of a business providing dedicated HR expertise. IES does not see its clients as clients, but itself as an extension of a business. Seamlessly integrating, IES brings a nuanced perspective to proceedings that reflects the needs of any business that is navigating the murky waters of the cannabis business. The challenges facing businesses like IES are reflected in its clients, namely that those businesses that support the cannabis industry do not have access to small business funding, and also do not have access to monies set aside for cannabis business loans in Illinois from the Department of Commerce and Economic Development. This makes the scalability of a business incredibly challenging. IES has combatted this, encouraging the work of cannabis businesses by operating leanly, while finding strategic partnerships that will create scalability organically. The knowledge comes from a team that has grown from a startup into the successful business that IES is today. Female-owned, veteran-owned, minority-owned, disable-owned and social equity-owned, the staff at IES can directly relate to those people who have been affected by the War on Drugs and left out of business. They understand the challenges and barriers that affect the people they serve and work tirelessly to remove them. In such an ever-changing industry, the need to keep up with developments is essential. As such, the team at IES regularly attends events and workshops to find out the latest progress. This stands alongside their membership of M4MM, Illinois Women in Cannabis and NCIA which allows the business impressive access to the way in which the industry is heading and a way of actively working to improve conditions. As the cannabis industry gathers momentum, the team at IES sees banking, financing and marketing as the areas of opportunity for the industry at large. Legalization at a Dec19202 federal level would totally change the shape of the market, not only lowering barriers but providing considerably more visibility for the industry. As more research is approved, IES hopes that there will be an increase in regulatory freedom for medical cannabis. Not only will this further normalize the presence of cannabis from day-to-day, but it will allow medical professionals to explore new ways of improving their patients’ well-being and quality of life. The work of companies like IES is intrinsic to the continued growth of cannabis businesses in the USA, not only providing a clear service that is required, but finding a way of doing so that allows these businesses to thrive. Forward-thinking in an industry of innovation, IES is set to grow into an astounding success. Company: Illinois Equity Staffing Contact: Rashaunah “Shawnee” Williams Web: Illinois Equity Staffing