Medical Marijuana Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Medical Marijuana Awards 5 , Best Online Retail Cannabis Store - Canada Cannabis has rapidly become an excitingmarket for new businesses, as more andmore peo- ple have begun to realize the medical powers that it holds. Canada is only the second country in the world, behind Uruguay, to have fully legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreation- al usage. Functioning as a one-stop-shop for all of Canada’s cannabis needs, we profile the award-winning online retailer BC Buds Online to find out more. Launched in mid-January 2018, the website https:// has since grown to become one of the largest Canadian online retailers of cannabis-related products and accessories. Despite the fact that cannabis was not fully legalized until October 2018, the online store still experienced great success as a reseller for everything that both patients and recreational users alike require, coupled with excellent customer service. The website was launched by Rick Bell, owner and operator of OCD Multimedia Inc., a web design and marketing agency headquartered in British Columbia. Having worked in retail management for a large portion of his life, Rick used his experience, skill, persistence and knowledge to create the successful online business BC Buds Online without requiring outside assistance. The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, especially since its legalization. As skilled craftsmen, growers, and entrepreneurs are making the most of the cannabis industry’s legalization, having a well-developed online retailer is the next logical step. Rather than be in the industry simply for the money, BC Buds Online functions as a support for those looking to help others improve their quality of life. A lot of the start-up businesses have been weeded out of the industry, and those who have remained a great success use the website as the perfect platform for selling their products. However, despite being up and running, BC Buds Online is still a constant work in progress. Products change, new ones come and old ones go, and the site is being improved constantly to ensure that everyone is able to use it easily. Despite the relatively recent legalization of cannabis across Canada, there are a wealth of new regulations constantly developing and evolving. British Columbia has been at the forefront of the legalization charge and product development for many years. BC Buds Online has been so successful thanks to its constant reliability and trustworthiness in spite of these changes, ensuring that buyers and sellers alike can adjust dosage sizes and prepare for all manner of regulatory changes. Current edibles being produced are great for beginners, but not for avid users. Supply and demand is still an issue, quality requires improvement, and smaller sellers need a website from which to sell their products. BC Buds Online offers all of this, and far more. Having a proper online presence is the best and fastest way to be found for cannabis farmers and growers alike. BC Buds Online, through its constant improvement and innovation, will continue to be the best online presence for those same farmers and growers. The website’s speed, security, and infrastructure are unmatched across the industry in Canada, and with a plethora of discounts and referral programs generating a much larger presence, the future is bright for all involved with BC Buds Online. BC Buds Online continues to be a huge achievement for Rick and the team, and a source of great entrepreneurship many individuals and businesses involved in the cannabis industry across Canada. More than about Dec19241 making money, however, both the website and its owner remain wholly committed to helping everyone have a more natural and better quality of life every single day thanks to the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. Company: BC Buds Online Contact: Rick Bell Website: BC Buds Online