Medical Marijuana Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Medical Marijuana Awards 7 , Leading Innovators of CO2 Delivery Technology 2020 Carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for plant growth. Economically adding the desired level of CO2 for maximumplant growth and profitability is however, not possible for most green- house growers and all outdoor growers. Enter CO2 GRO Inc., an innovative firm that is a leader in aqueous CO2 delivery for all greenhouse and outdoor plant growth. To find out more about what CO2 GRO can do to support the medical marijuana industry, we profiled the firm’s tech- nology effects on Cannabis growth. Many newly legalized Cannabis growers have yet to adopt all the available technologies to optimize crop yield and plant health. Government health organizations overseeing these growers heavily restrict chemical pesticides to protect human consumer health, limiting grower choices to less effective natural pesticides. CO2 GRO’s 100% natural patent-protected CO2 Delivery Solutions™ technology enables Cannabis growers to achieve maximum crop yield AND micro-pathogen resistance. Its technology adds optimum levels of CO2 to the plant via misting an aqueous CO2 solution directly onto Cannabis plant leaves. Increased carbon availability enhances photosynthesis resulting in faster and greater Cannabis plant growth. Numerous trials on Cannabis plants with commercial Cannabis growers in both the U.S. and Canada have demonstrated faster plant growth for more harvests, more buds, bud biomass and overall plant biomass, and increased cannabinoid production. Sealed Cannabis greenhouses that traditionally use CO2 gassing get about 30% more plant yield. However, they gas CO2 for up to 18 hours per day during the light phase meaning workers cannot operate in the grow room during that time. CO2 Delivery Solutions™’ aqueous CO2 misting requires no additional CO2 gas in the grow room so workers can operate safely throughout the day including during the light phase. Open ventilation Cannabis greenhouses, hoop houses and shade houses have had no options to supplement their plants with CO2 for enhancing yields, until now. Aqueous CO2 misting also stops micro-pathogen growth, such as powdery mildew. Age-old practices in Cannabis cultivation has led to the belief that the best practice to avoid powdery mildew colonization is to keep plant leaves dry. Aqueous CO2 is slightly acidic so when applied, the pH on the plant leaf surface drops. The CO2 transfers into the plant within 90 seconds at which point the pH rebounds back towards neutral. Misting is done for a few seconds every 15 minutes during the light phase. This pH volatility during the light hours makes for an unfavourable environment for powdery mildew to spread. The process does not hurt the plants. CO2 GRO’s CO2 Delivery Solutions™ are starting to penetrate the Cannabis cultivation market. With ongoing research at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University and Canada’s University of Guelph, CO2 GRO’s patent portfolio continues to grow with five filed patents and two licensed. In 2019, CO2 GRO was selected by Canada’s California Trade Commissioner as one of the most innovative Canadian Agri-Technologies and by Life Sciences Ontario as an Ontario Jan20327 Canada Success Story. In 2020, CO2 GRO has been recognized by GHP MMJ award. Company: CO2 GRO Inc. (GROW.TSXV, BLONF.OTCQB, 4021.Frankfurt) Contact: Aaron Archibald, VP Sales ([email protected]) or Sam Kanes VP Communications ([email protected]) Websites: Investors - , Customers - CO2 GRO Inc.