Medical Marijuana Awards 2019

8 GHP / 2019 Medical Marijuana Awards , Best Nutraceutical & Cannabinoid Full-Service CRO 2020 Since the introduction of hemp and cannabis-based products as viable andmedicinal alterna- tives, there has been heavy regulation for both industries to traverse. Helpingmany compa- nies do that is KGK Science, a premium contract research organization. Following the firm’s recognition in GHP’s Medical Marijuana Awards 2019, we unearth the secrets to its success. Despite their relative infancy, the cannabis and hemp industries have been in a state of heavy regulation since their formation. However, with quality research trials and expert support, companies can navigate the newly developed and implemented regulations, whilst offering healthy and beneficial products to those who need them most. That is exactly what the team at KGK Science offer to clients; unbeatable clinical research trials and expert regulatory support for the nutraceutical, cannabis, and hemp industries. Since the firm’s founding more than twenty two years ago, it has successfully helped hundreds of companies with unique clinical trials and claim substantiation strategies that move products into global markets. Boasting state-of-the-art technologies, novel research techniques, and a team of seasoned industry veterans, KGK Science remains at the forefront of its field. New regulations are constantly in development for the nutraceutical, cannabis, and hemp industries, and staying ahead of emerging changes is paramount for companies to thrive on the global platform. By consolidating scientific, clinical, commercial, and regulatory expertise with innovation and agility, the team at KGK Science can skilfully serve the ever- expanding needs for businesses and consumers all over the globe. As one of the most reliable sources for brands, this firm is perfect for any company looking to take advantage of a trustworthy, experienced, and steadfast team of scientific researchers, consultants, and regulatory specialists. Working collaboratively with clients, the firm can develop and help deliver customized path-to-market claim substantiation and strategies. As a full-service premium CRO, KGK Science supports the nutraceutical, cannabis, and hemp industries through a myriad of ways. From clinical study design to powerful product marketing, the firm has refined its processes to ensure client success with every project. Rapidly transforming requests in results, KGK Science has helped guide hundreds of companies across the world in taking an initial product concept all the way through the process to completion and production. From proving claims through clinical knowledge, to working on unique selling points, to looking at many different pathways through complex regulatory bodies, the firm’s ability to navigate the industry is second to none. Within the realm of medical marijuana in particular, KGK Science has been recognized globally as a thought-leader in cannabinoid science and regulation for the natural health product industry. This status is affirmed through the knowledge that the firm was one of the first CRO’s in Canada to posses a Cannabis Research License. As a leading CRO in the cannabis and hemp industries, KGK Science brings a wealth of experience to clinical trials and regulatory support for companies working with cannabis and hemp-based products. Through the firm’s work, companies can bring innovative health products to market that much quicker, whilst also continuing global research to unlock the secrets of the cannabis industry for clients and consumers alike. Dec19212 KGK Science is also the proud Diamond Sponsor for the upcoming CBD Global Summit in London, taking place over March 16th and 17th. Being a presence at one of the cannabis industry’s newest, most exciting, and informative global gatherings will surely contribute to the level of knowledge that KGK Science can function with. The firm’s CEO, Najla Guthrie, will be presenting a session investigating the scientific evidence for cannabidiol health benefits, including clinical trials that prove the safety, and potential efficacy, of the novel compounds transforming the natural health product industry. The team at KGK Science deserve every success that continues to come their way, including this latest award in GHP’s Medical Marijuana Awards. With innovative research methods, and a veritable treasure trove of scientific data to help companies in the nutraceutical, hemp, and cannabis industries navigate, there are fewer better CROs than KGK Science. Company: KGK Science Inc. Contact: Lauren Redman Website: KGK Science Inc.