Medical Marijuana Awards 2019

GHP / 2019 Medical Marijuana Awards 9 , Leading Pioneers in Medical Marijuana Registration – Pennsylvania & Distinction Award for Cannabis Medicine Advancement 2020 As legislation begins to change regardingMedical Marijuana, the need for the medical indus- try to change with it is paramount. Leading the way when it comes to this innovative approach tomedical care, Compassionate Certification Centers offer its clients a solution they can trust and rely on to be as straightforward as possible. Following success in GHP’s Medical Marijua- na Awards, we took a closer look at the extraordinary work that they do. When Pennsylvania legalized cannabis for medical use, CCC were the first in the state to qualify patients for the program. Since these humble beginnings, the team have certified over 20,000 people, with numbers still increasing as the stigma around the topic lessens. More than just a base for certifying physicians, CCC has quickly grown into Pennsylvania’s premier resource for all matters involving medical marijuana. Placing compassion right at the heart of operations, the services that CCC offers to its clients include certification for the Medical Marijuana Card necessary to access the drug. This card is valid for a year before recertification is necessary, allowing CCC practitioners to evaluate the ways in which medical cannabis has impacted a person’s condition. CCC also provides personalized 1-on-1 CBD consultations for those who are MMJ patients or not. As this growing market becomes increasingly saturated with an overwhelming volume of products and misinformation, the importance of this objective attitude cannot be overstated. With ten locations spread across the state, and more on the way, it’s clear that the demand is there for CCC’s services. The need for CCC to not only fight misinformation, but to do primarily on an intellectual basis is the reason behind its production of whitepapers into this deeply understudied field. The recently implemented Clinical Research Division will not only expand the healthcare network within which CCC operates, but also increase the amount of research made into this fledgling field. CCC has just completed its first-of-its-kind data analysis from 2000 patients participating in PA’s medical marijuana program, which should go on to have help in providing better patient care. Working in such a quickly evolving industry, it can be a challenge for CCC to keep on top of all the changes that are ongoing. Blurred lines between state and federal laws make it difficult to negotiate the legalities of the required drugs, while banking as a cannabis business, even though CCC does not sell cannabis, has created its own difficulties. From a medical perspective, an increasing trend towards certifying physicians with inconsistent practices, which has led to many patients finding it not only difficult to find the doctor they originally certified with, but discovering that this lack of information greatly complicates the renewal process. Fortunately, thanks to its excellent reputation in this sector, patients are able to find and take advantage of CCC’s reliable services that make recertification as easy and worry-free as possible. Of course, the main challenge for CCC is also its biggest opportunity. The lingering stigma that surrounds marijuana has finally begun to fade, with community education and the resourcefulness of industrialized hemp leading to the public perception beginning to change. As this alters, the approach of the medical community will begin to recognize cannabis as a potential form of medicine for a wide range of ailments and symptoms. CCC holds onto the hope that this will see cannabis-medicine become widely accepted as the first- in-line treatment option where appropriate as opposed to an alternative. As a business, CCC is opening new opportunities in a rapidly growing area. It is the only local medical marijuana company working with local colleges to offer internships to students interested in getting into the various facets of the cannabis industry. Continued education is actively encouraged for all employees, with some staff recently becoming Leafly Certified. While a passion for Dec19403 cannabis and the benefits it presents to the medical community binds the company together, it is the strong approach on the twin fronts of healthcare and sales that really unites the team. It is an approach that everyone within the organization understands what each team member does and contributes. In the field of healthcare, there are few providers more forward thinking and more committed to the growth and development of cannabis use than CCC. Since beginning operations, it has remained at the forefront of the fight to see medical marijuana legitimized throughout the medical industry. It is a fight that still isn’t over, but that CCC will continue to battle as they always have, with care and compassion for those who need what they can offer. Company: Compassionate Certification Centers Contact: Melonie Kotchey Website: www.compassionate Compassionate Certification Centers