MedTech Awards 2020

GHP / MedTech Awards 2020 11 , Nov20666 JB ConsultingMDP provides clinical development andmedical marketing solutions and services to a broad selection of clients in the Life Science industries of the UK and Nigeria. Innovating the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sectors to enable patients to have greater control of the monitoring andmanagement of their conditions, JB Consulting is playing a vital role across healthcare systems in Europe and Africa. Leading Consultants in Diagnostic Pathology & Pharmaceutical Medicine 2020 - UK Specialists in pharmaceutical medicine and diagnostic pathology, JB Consulting MDP delivers clinical development and medical marketing services to a vast clientele of leading institutions in the Life Sciences industries of the UK and Nigeria, predominantly pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic companies. Led by Founder, John Bolodeoku, the award-winning firm realises innovative solutions that empower patients with the autonomy to manage and monitor their own conditions and carers with the means to care for their patients more effectively, with self-monitoring and disease management solutions. Carrying out extensive literary and participatory research that includes productive collaboration with other leaders of its industry, JB Consulting is revolutionising diagnostics and pharmaceutical care. JB Consulting’s service areas cover Pharmaceutical Medicine Consultancy, Diagnostic Pathology Product Development and Marketing Consultancy, Diagnostic Pathology Research Consultancy, and Healthcare Market Research. Equipped with the experience across this broad range of fields with a wide range of companies such as Astellas Pharma GB, Roche UK, and ICON Solutions UK, JB Consulting is now involved in the development of several projects within self-monitoring and disease management. In an industry that is constantly evolving to deal with new challenges and accommodate great advances in scientific research, JB Consulting thrives as a small team that is dynamic and agile, paying close attention to its industry and adapting its strategies and goals accordingly. JB Consulting regularly contracts in or outsources work to experts in other fields or industries, benefiting from a wide network of talent to support them in the creation of diagnostic devices or enhancement of research in pharmaceuticals or pathology. Today, in the midst of the ongoing global pandemic, JB Consulting has adapted once more to take on Covid-19 diagnostic testing, playing a vital role in the evaluation of several antibody and antigen testing devices designed to identify the virus. With patients in the UK and Nigeria suffering like so many others, not just from the physical effects of the virus itself, but from the mental, economic, social and cultural impacts of the pandemic, lockdowns, and restrictions, JB Consulting’s role in the fight against Coronavirus is invaluable. As technology and AI continues to develop and create space for greater innovation in pharmaceutical and pathological sciences, JB Consulting has seen an increased interest in the field of self-monitoring, as well as greater collaboration between diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Leading the way in the growth of these medical sectors, JB Consulting is looking ahead to a future rife with opportunity, which will give patients in the UK, Nigeria and beyond the independence to care for themselves. The firm’s patient- centric commitment to innovation has earned JB Consulting Leading Consultants in Diagnostic Pathology & Pharmaceutical Medicine 2020 – UK at the GHP: MedTech Awards 2020. Company: JB Consulting MDP Ltd Contact: John Bolodeoku Website: