MedTech Awards 2020

GHP / MedTech Awards 2020 15 , Jan21142 Specialist scientific and healthcare marketing agency, kdmCommunications, offers creative design and compelling content which delivers world-class outcomes for clients. Annabel Sedgwick tells us more about the agency, what it offers and what makes it stand out from the rest. With decades of marketing experience, and more than a dozen scientists in- house, kdm Communications provides its clients with a unique blend of PhD-level scientific understanding and marketing expertise. Annabel Sedgwick is Managing Director of kdm. With more than 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, Annabel brings both strategic and creative thinking to the table. “As an agency, we have a content creation team in-house as well as in-house graphic design and illustration and an in-house team of videographers and editors,” she explains. “We work globally for our clients, and we are a one-of-a-kind agency in that we not only understand the science, with half our team being scientists, but we also have exceptional linguistic capabilities, which is important to many of our larger clients - so we are a pretty unique blend!” Surrounding herself with PhD scientists and marketing experts, Annabel has strengthened kdm’s offering over the last 16 years: an energetic agency with international reach that combines scientific understanding with marketing experience and knowledge, delivering integrated campaigns to clients across life sciences, medical and technical industries all over the world. The firm has a large and loyal client base which it has held for a long time. The secret to these long-lasting relationships is kdm’s consistently high-quality level of service. This, coupled with its technical understanding, marketing expertise, linguistic skills and creative team, is what truly sets it apart from competitors operating within the same space. As with many businesses, the last 12 months have been a rollercoaster for kdm. In fact, the firm has had a large number of clients who have played an important part in the fight against Covid-19, whether it’s been supplying equipment or analytical platforms to hospitals and labs, or the reagents and assays needed to identify the virus. “It’s been a privilege to support them on the marketing side of things and come up with more inventive ways for them to reach their audiences, with so many people working from home if they are able,” Annabel continues. “One project we have really enjoyed is a product launch for a pipette whereby we wrote a Cinderella-esque fairy-tale, complete with illustrations, as a digital reader!” With so many industry events cancelled and digitised, it’s been more of a challenge to catch up with clients, particularly regarding networking events. Annabel tells us that many of kdm’s clients have hosted webinars in the last year which have proved very Best Life Science & Medical Marketing Specialists – UK successful, and she shares with us her top tip for these kinds of occurrences: “Make sure you have a good list of people to invite and that the content and speakers are of a high quality. We’ve found that it’s often a good idea to organise a webinar in conjunction with a publisher in order to reach out to new audiences. “On the video production side, we can’t get out and about to film, but it’s amazing what you can achieve through short recorded interviews on Zoom or Teams. Carefully edited, these can become short gold-dust edits endorsing your products and services to use across social platforms.” Having successfully survived the pandemic so far, Annabel is certain that the future is looking bright for kdm. In addition to this, having transitioned and adjusted to working remotely relatively easily, the firm feels confident that it can now look to cast the net further in terms of recruitment. “Being based near Cambridge in the UK is a definite advantage in terms of attracting a good skill- set internally. However, having so successfully transitioned to home-working over the last 12 months, we can now freely recruit people from any region. “I look forward to the next few years when we won’t necessarily be so bound by geographical boundaries in terms of work.” Company: kdm communications Contact: Annabel Sedgwick Website: