MedTech Awards 2020

16 GHP / MedTech Awards 2020 , Hearing loss can affect people of all ages, social backgrounds, and ethnicities. For younger people, it can affect their education and their social life, for older people, it can lead to problems such as social isolation. Having successfully secured two awards in last years’ MedTech Awards fromGlobal Health and PharmaMagazine, we find out more about howTympaHealth is tackling hearing loss and delivering products and software that raise the bar for audiological care. Living with hearing loss can seriously hinder an individual’s ability to actively participate in life, to learn, socialise and live up to their full potential. Hearing loss has huge implications for social isolation, quality of life and the safety of individual patients. It is also known to increase the risk of falls, as well as being the single largest modifiable risk factor in the prevention of dementia. With the increased use of headphones, widespread use of cotton buds, and an ageing population, hearing loss is set to overtake diabetes and cataracts in the UK’s top ten disease burdens by 2030. Founder and CEO, Dr Krishan Ramdoo, witnessed first-hand how people can often find it difficult to access ear and hearing health services. Patient pathways can be convoluted and time consuming, resulting in some people never receiving the care they require. The Tympa system is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing health assessment system. It combines a digital otoscope, hearing screener, and microsuction wax removal facility in one handheld portable device. Best Hearing Health Tech Company 2020 & Most Advanced Audiology Assessments System: Tympa System Jan21068 What makes it truly unique is the fact that it is backed by a fully digital system for keeping patient records, which can be reviewed remotely by ENT specialists anywhere in the world. The innovative Tympa system was designed to uphold and support the key objectives set out within the NHS Long Term Plan, which outlines the need for improving out-of-hospital care and providing better links between primary and secondary care settings. What Tympa has to offer has been designed with the non- specialist in mind. It allows allied health professionals to deliver a mobile ear and hearing health clinic within the community, thereby streamlining patient pathways and better facilitating access to care. The Tympa enables patients to undergo an ear examination, wax removal procedure, and hearing screening in under thirty minutes. Any abnormalities can then be shared digitally to remote specialists in any location for further investigation. Making these services more accessible not only improves treatment pathways, but it also removes the requirement of attending GP & hospital appointments & lessens the strain on NHS resources. The ongoing pandemic has presented a myriad of challenges for the healthcare industry. The need to maintain access to healthcare services whilst adhering to social distancing has been problematic for many. However, TympaHealth’s telehealth capabilities has meant patients have been able to receive specialist treatment in a Covid-safe way. Another differentiator that sets Tympa apart from its competitors is the training it provides. Anyone who purchases a device must complete a course of remote and face-to-face training with the TympaHealth Training Academy. The training is officially accredited by ENT UK, BSHAA and the British Society of Audiology. This level of accreditation is totally unique in this sector. What’s more, TympaHealth are developing their machine learning capabilities. In the not too distant future the device will be advanced enough to diagnose ear and hearing health abnormalities automatically using AI, thus reducing the amount of human intervention required during an appointment. What’s more, the firm’s global ear and hearing health database is growing, soon be one of, if not the largest, in the world. Ultimately, TympaHealth is right on the cutting-edge of innovation in ear and hearing care, and it could not come at a better time. With over half a billion people in the world suffering from disabling hearing loss, the Tympa device could stand to improve the quality of life for countless people. Contact: Krishan Ramdoo Website: